‘You literally voted for this’: David Hogg gets reality checked when he whines about housing cost

Harvard-educated gun-grabber David Hogg is still being educated about the consequences of one’s behavior.

Hogg was simpatico with Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillian when he took to social media to complain about housing costs — all that was missing were McMillian’s trademark mutton chops and black gloves.

“Housing costs way too damn much,” the noodle-armed leftist tweeted, adding a little context in a follow-up: “In case you couldn’t tell, my landlord just told my roommate and I they are gonna raise our rent nearly 10%.”

Welcome to Bidenomics. But Hogg should not fret over higher prices because President Biden, the man he voted for and publicly backed, recently assured CNN when pressed on inflation that Americans “have the money to spend.”

In the end, Hogg is learning a valuable lesson on property rights, the free market, and the value of shopping around — at the age of 24, he still has much to learn about life, including proper grammar, which is apparently not a thing at Harvard U.

“Jokes on them though there’s a nearly identical condo in my building thats over $1000 less then we are paying,” he would add. “They are free to raise the rent however they want it’s their condo. But it’s just annoying when we were already paying above market. Whatever either way we’re gonna save money at our new place.”

As might be expected, Hogg did not get much sympathy from social media users after sharing his dilemma online.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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