‘You stunned me!’ Trump atty laughs at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins when contentious interview goes off the rails

In his first interview since news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s classified documents case, Trump attorney Jim Trusty openly mocked CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins over her reporting on allegedly “leaked”  evidence against his client.

The nearly 15-minute interview got testy at times, as Trusty pushed back against Collins’ many questions.

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Trusty called the Espionage Act charge “ludicrous under the facts of this case,” and the false statement charges, “kind of a crazy stretch.”

The lawyer then detailed his “theory” about the indictment.

“I have a theory that maybe some of the outrageous misconduct has affected the equation in some other case, a potential target,” he told Collins when asked if anyone else had been indicted.

“[O]ver the last 24 hours, it’s become public that members of the Department of Justice, led by Jay Bratt, who is a pivotal figure in this investigation — this is the guy who wanted to do a raid before they even had a subpoena out,” Trusty explained. “He apparently, along with five other people in his presence from DOJ, extorted a very well-respected, very intelligent lawyer from Washington, D.C., saying, essentially, if you want this judgeship that’s on Joe Biden’s desk, you have to flip your guy to cooperate against the president of the United States.”

“That should be a headline across the world,” he added.

When asked if he had evidence of his shocking claim, Trusty replied, “Yes, this is — this is no political talker.”

“This is something that was reported at the time by the attorney,” he said. “It has been — it is basically sworn to by him. He’s written a letter that’s been submitted to a U.S. district court judge confirming it happened. And I think it’ll be really interesting to find out whether DOJ, whether the five people that sat in the room and watched that extortion have threads of text messages or e-mails where they comment about that.”

“So, we’re going to want some discovery about just how far-ranging this criminal activity was by a prosecutor,” he stated.

“And think of the irony,” Trusty marveled. “Once again, you have got prosecutors saying, we’re going after this guy because of obstruction — that’s their theoretical distinction from Delaware — while they literally obstructed justice. They literally tampered with a witness in the fall of 2022.”

Collins quickly attempted to change the subject, claiming, “We don’t have any evidence of what you’re claiming there.”

“Other than sworn testimony,” Trusty shot back, “right.”

Collins tried again to control the narrative for her viewers.

“That’s what you’re saying,” she responded. “I’m taking you at your word on that. We don’t have any evidence of that ourselves, I just want to note for our audience.”

When asked about how he received the summons, Trusty revealed, “We got an email from the guy who actually did the extortion.”

“I think that was a cute little message from DOJ that they’re not going to worry about their own dirty house,” he added.

When asked if he believed Trump would show up to court on Tuesday, Trusty let out a laugh.

“Yes, he’s going to show up,” the attorney stated. “Look, he knows he’s innocent. He knows this is garbage. He knows there’s fundamental flaws with each one of the counts that they’re apparently putting in this indictment. And he knows that the whole process, starting from the archivist, was a corrupt and politicized one.”

Trusty declined to get “crazy specific” about Trump’s Tuesday travel plans.

“I think Secret Service would not be thrilled with me for that,” he stated.

Collins attempted a “gotcha” moment, noting that Trump had posted on Truth Social that he would be at the courthouse at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

“We’re not hiding the court appearance, Kaitlan,” Trusty retorted. “I’m talking about, where does he come from, what time does he show up? That kind of stuff needs to be kind of close-hold between the Marshals and Secret Service.”

As for the hearing, Trusty predicts it will be “fairly routine.”

“The hearing itself is actually a pretty typical thing,” he said. “It’s just an atypical prosecution, an atypical defendant. But on the logistics of it, we will work that out.”

He stressed that Trump won’t be “arrested.”

“There’s not going to be an arrest,” he said. “This is coming in on a summons.”

Collins asked Trusty if Trump was divulging information “against your advice.”

“Well, even if it was, I would not get into that,” he stated. “I mean, look, DOJ has leaked stuff every day of the week in this case. You and I kind of butted heads on that maybe about a week ago, but including pressuring that very…”

“Yes, because I told you it was because of good reporting that we learned more,” Collins interjected.

“Of course,” Trusty quipped. “Well, I’m shocked that CNN said they had good reporting! You stunned me with that!”

“We do have good reporting,” Collins meekly replied.

“The Washington Post has probably run 25 stories about the same guy the DOJ tried to extort into cooperating,” Trusty said. “You can’t tell me that’s coming from us. That’s coming from them.”

“It was a leak campaign,” the lawyer stated. “That’s just one example of it.”

“And again,” he added, this is the new rule of ‘anything goes’ when you’re going after President Trump.”


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