‘You’re Not Safe In Joe Biden’s America,’ pro-Trump PAC warns in powerful new ad

“You’re not safe in Joe Biden’s America.” It’s a chilling reality described in a new viral political ad.

America has been invaded by hordes of violent criminals who have exploited the open borders policies of the Biden administration to prey on victims in their new home, one of them being poor Laken Riley who was killed while jogging on her campus in Athens, Georgia.

A hard-hitting new ad from a PAC backing presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump argues that Riley’s young life being cut short allegedly by Venezuelan thug Jose Ibarra shows that Biden’s policies have emboldened foreign predators who could be lurking anywhere and who could strike without warning.

The stirring nearly one-minute spot by the Make America Great Again Inc. Political Action Committee intersperses footage of Laken Riley who has been described as a “shining light,” the manhunt for her killer and statements from Biden and other regime officials to paint a disturbing picture of life in “Joe Biden’s America” where innocents are hunted by those who should never have been allowed into the country.

“Ibarra crossed into Texas illegally back in September of 2022 then was released into the United States on parole,” a narrator says as alarming clips of migrants pouring across the border illegally are shown.

“We have a secure border,” claims Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden’s absentee “border czar,” with White House spox Karine Jean-Pierre insisting that “we agree, the border is secure.”

Biden himself is then shown in the stunning visual message insisting that there is a “process in place” to “manage migrants at the border,” and recently impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims “The border is closed, the border is secure,” a fib that flies in the face of evidence to the contrary.

Fox News footage included in the MAGA Inc. ad notes that Ibarra was “busted” in New York City last year but ICE didn’t have time to issue a detainer because he was “already back on the streets.” Had he been detained, Laken Riley would still be alive today.

The riveting ad concludes with an ominous image of the most destructive president in history with the words: “YOU’RE NOT SAFE IN JOE BIDEN’S AMERICA.”

MAGA PAC packs a potent punch and will continue to do so as it plays a vital role in informing Americans about the ugly truth. The corrupt media, in the meantime, continues to run cover for Biden and his “newcomers.”

Chris Donaldson


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