Backlash against bail reform leads to GOP DA victory wave on Long Island

A red Republican wave splashed over Long Island Tuesday with GOP district attorney candidates in Suffolk and Nassau counties handily winning their elections and leading political observers […]

Huma Abedin blames fired FBI Director James Comey for Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump

Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, blamed the former first lady’s 2016 election loss to GOP nominee Donald Trump on then-FBI […]

Liz Cheney’s replacement hails GOP victories in congratulatory message

Rep. Elise Stefanik, the No, 3 Republican in the House, lauded GOP victories across her state on Tuesday following “record” party victories in enclaves long held by […]

Mayoral candidate backed by AOC, Sanders, trails incumbent: ‘Socialism has been defeated in Buffalo!’

A left-wing Democrat who won an earlier primary for mayor of Buffalo, N.Y., and is backed by two leading progressives was behind early Wednesday morning in a […]

Measure to replace Minneapolis PD with ‘public safety’ department goes down in flames

A ballot measure in Minneapolis to replace the police department failed by double digits on Tuesday, likely dealing a major blow to nationwide efforts by left-wing progressives […]

Exit data shows why Youngkin won Virginia gubernatorial race, handing Dems big loss

Glenn Youngkin, a businessman and first-time politician, beat back the biggest names in the Democratic Party to win the Virginia gubernatorial race on Tuesday, becoming the first […]

UK’s Online Safety Bill could result in social media users being jailed for 2 yrs for ‘psychological harm’

Internet trolls in the United Kingdom could face two years in prison for posting content on social media that causes “psychological harm,” if lawmakers have their way. […]

While China builds hypersonic missiles, Biden admin adds ‘climate czar’ to Pentagon

The Defense Department is planning to add a so-called “climate czar” to its policymaking apparatus whose role and responsibility will be to respond to climate change, according […]

Manchin, Sinema could block Dem attempts to dominate the FCC

As Republicans up in opposition to a controversial but long-awaited Federal Communications Commission nominee from President Joe Biden, it appears as though the outcome could be […]

Eric Swalwell’s lavish campaign fund expenditures include casino, liquor delivery app

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California spent campaign funds lavishly to include a casino, bars, sporting events, high-end steak houses, a liquor ivery app, and a beer […]

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