SCOTUS reportedly poised to deliver advocates for religious schools a huge win

A majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices appeared to support school choice advocates during two hours of oral arguments on Wednesday following arguments by lawyers for two […]

Billionaire Soros has poured millions in dark money to back defund police efforts

Left-wing billionaire George Soros has funded a dark money hub used by progressive activists to defund police to the tune of millions of dollars, according to an […]

Separate assaults leave two young boys dead outside two separate elementary schools in California

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE Two young California boys were murdered outside two separate elementary schools this week in […]

Adam Schiff admits ‘Steele dossier’ is discredited garbage, still blames Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tacitly admitted that wild and salacious claims made in the infamous “Steele dossier” about Donald Trump were not true, though he […]

Mike Rowe warns of ‘wildly off balance’ workforce after jobs report

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe on Wednesday reacted to a report showing that 11 million jobs are still open in the U.S. ahead of a Thursday report […]

Unearthed video shows Biden US attorney yelling at reporters after she’s allegedly caught in a lie

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE Critics say that President Joe Biden’s latest judicial appointee, just-confirmed Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael […]

Silence is not golden

“What’s your question or comment for Rush?” For than three decades, that’s how I greeted callers to the program. Hundreds of thousands of them. I didn’t […]

Middle school offered ‘safe space’ for ‘students of color’ instead of class after Arbery, Rittenhouse verdicts

A Massachusetts middle school created “safe spaces” for students following the verdicts in the cases of Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery, according to a Thursday report. Bigelow […]

Female U of Penn teammate dishes on coach and transgender swimmer crushing records: ‘It’s very fake’

A female teammate of University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has spen out after Thomas demolished school records for the sport during recent competitions. “Pretty much […]

Fox hosts spit fire over release of arsonist who allegedly torched tree: How is this not a hate crime?

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE Fox News various hosts and contributors are irate over not only the actions of […]

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