NY Dems propose bill to fund abortions for all, including out-of-state residents and illegal immigrants

A newly proposed bill in New York state further proves that Democrats are not interested in abiding by the Constitution as they seek to circumvent a potential […]

Charles Barkley says take NBA fan altercations with players center court, mano a mano

NBA great Charles Barkley, now an “NBA on TNT” analyst, has a well-established reputation for not mincing words — or pulling punches — when it comes to […]

‘Age of GOP handouts to Big Business is over’: Josh Hawley delivers ‘woke’ businesses wakeup call with new bill

The impact of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) proactive leadership is resonating with voters, and at least one fellow Republican is taking note and following suit declaring the […]

GOP Sens turn up the heat on Delaware prosecutor for suspicious recusal in Hunter Biden case

A new inquiry from Republican senators has presented doubts about the integrity of the Department of Justice, regarding the federal tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden, as […]

NFL GOAT Tom Brady scores gig with major network upon eventual retirement

When you’re the GOAT everything just seems to have a way of falling in for you, just ask NFL star quarterback Tom Brady. Brady is wiy […]

‘Oh look, UFOs!’ House intel to have a hearing on UAPs for first time in fifty years

With the House of Representatives set to hold its first hearing on UFOs (now UAPs) in than fifty years, earnest concerns about potential national security threats […]

Biden plan of attack in key speech on inflation already rated a ‘false claim’ by WaPo

New polling prepared for the America First Policy Institute by RMG Research Group showed that “issues such as inflation, immigration, crime, the war in Ukraine” are important […]

Top Apple official becomes most senior figure to quit after forced to go back to the office three days a week

By Harriet Alexander, Daily Mail A senior director at Apple has quit his job in protest at the company demanding staff return to the office three days […]

Victor Davis Hanson: Prepare for desperate Dems to ‘frighten everybody’ with doomsday scenario

(Video: Fox News) Every week marks another crisis for the Democrats to address and, as they foresee losing their grip on control this November, Victor Davis Hanson […]

Fans concerned when Britney Spears posts nude photos of herself that some see as a cry for help

Popstar Britney Spears has some fans worried about her overall wellbeing after she posted a number of full-frontal naked pictures to her Instagram account on Monday, along […]

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