‘Absurdly simplistic’ journo set straight after saying people who question trans ideology are ‘fascist’

A Harvard-educated Guardian reporter based in San Francisco claimed on that those who do not embrace transgender ideology are “fascist,” and wasted no time in […]

‘Sometimes things happen’: NYC ‘good kid,’ 14, faces attempted murder rap for allegedly shooting at cops

In yet another shooting that is being attributed to a teenager, 14-year-old Isaiah Ramos has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at two NYPD officers […]

Gov. Noem accused of ‘slinging mud’ after refusing to sing praises of Jan 6 witness Cassidy Hutchinson

(Video: CNN) South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem drew criticism from members of the liberal media following a CNN interview in which she dared to question the integrity […]

Video of toddler paraded by nearly naked Miami drag queen sparks fury: ‘These people belong in jail’

After a month of Pride and countless TikT videos depicting children being exposed to twerking drag queens, you might think it would be difficult to shock social […]

Mob throwing fireworks at cops injures two officers in yet another bloody Chicago weekend

The city of Chicago saw its normal level of violence over the weekend with at least 37 people shot and 7 killed, and the criminal element was […]

Cohen: SCOTUS left a bitter pill to swallow in one of its key rulings. Here’s why

Bonner Cohen, DCNF The Biden administration’s plan to use the administrative regulatory state to further what the president has called the “incredible transition” to green energy hit […]

McDaniel: A red tsunami is barreling towards Democrats

Ronna McDaniel, DCNF It’s official: We’ve passed the halfway-point of the midterm primary season. With 28 states’ candidates decided, we’re getting a sense of what Republicans can […]

TIPP Insights: Abe Lincoln – a guiding light on July 4th

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights Had the sixteenth president of the United States been a different person or a man of lesser values, it is possible […]

Ilhan Omar dances, celebrates Somali Independence Day, sponsored by ‘face of corporate greed’ Amazon

Wrapping herself in the Somali flag, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., to to the stage in a joyous manner on Saturday, dancing and celebrating Somali Independence Day. […]

‘City gonna burn’: Fiery protests, vandalism erupts over footage of cops shooting fleeing black suspect

Ohio police released graphic bodycam footage that captured the death of Akron DoorDash driver Jayland Walker as eight officers unleashed a uge of bullets, striking Walker at […]

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