Matteo: Keep identity politics out of education

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Recently the Minneapolis School District created a contract with teachers that has wording that would require […]

‘Internal fears’ grip CNN as CEO sets sights on ‘blowing up’ struggling morning show: sources

CNN boss Chris Licht has set his sights on “New Day,” the network’s struggling early morning show, as the next target he will be “blowing up.” That’s […]

John Solomon makes explosive claim about what the WH knew, and when they knew it regarding FBI raid

In the wake of the Aug. 8 raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, much ado was given to the independent nature of the FBI as […]

Longtime Atlanta news chief canned when Trump derangement syndrome gets the better of him

Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News chief political analyst Bill Crane appears to have gotten confused on Sunday, thinking he was on CNN during an segment that would […]

‘Most notable crime’: Tucker recaps Fauci’s reign of ‘lies’ and misinformation ahead of timely resignation

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced his forthcoming departure from his government positions Monday and, while zealots praised him as an idol for his nearly four decades of service, […]

Best political cartoons: Biden gets it both ways

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Katie Pavlich argues ‘free’ goodies being offered to arriving migrants is anything but compassionate

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich questioned how anyone can see the freebies being rolled out for illegal migrants landing in New York City and other areas as […]

Don Jr mocks media’s nuclear code narrative: It’d probably be good if he had them rather than Biden

Donald Trump Jr. certainly knows how to trigger the left and he did just that Monday with a sarcastic comment about nuclear codes being kept at Mar-a-Lago. […]

UFC fighter blasts Jimmy Kimmel, mainstream media, Hollywood: You ‘are all pedophiles to me’

UFC fighter Joel Bauman blasted Jimmy Kimmel, the mainstream media and Hollywood as a bunch of pedophiles in a post-match interview in the ring, and the low […]

Trump sues FBI for ‘unnecessary, unwarranted’ raid on Mar-a-Lago with a blistering statement

Former President Donald Trump had promised a motion on the violation of his rights was coming and, on Monday, he and his legal team ivered “regarding the […]

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