Elon Musk blasts new ‘Lord of the Rings’ prequel for wimpy male characters: ‘Tolkien is turning in his grave’

Though Elon Musk may not be the end-all be all of pop culture, having than 100 million followers on his account tends to draw […]

Former Marine Lt. Col. calls out lack of ‘moral courage’ and ‘accountability’ among military leadership

It’s been just over a year since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and with no obvious course correction in sight for the we military, ousted, outspen former […]

Texas judge candidate allegedly catalyst of shameful ‘racist’ lie that LeBron James was eager to perpetuate

Those who profess to wish to see an end to racial division in the United States have a nasty habit of ending up being the ones perpetuating […]

Biden shamelessly repeats debunked claim he was ‘very engaged in the Civil Rights Movement’

President Joe Biden has a rich history of plagiarism, distortions and outright lies that makes him the consummate politician in the sense of the populace despising such […]

Russia adds two celebs, six more US senators to growing list of people banned from country

While it may seem like a luxury to some to ban the likes of left-wing actor Sean Penn, the reasoning behind such a banning is another story […]

MSNBC panel says Dems may ‘buck historic trends,’ cites pro-life women registering to vote FOR abortion

Pundits have been saying all year that Democrats will experience a shellacking in the midterm elections, in large part because of sky-high gas prices that are still […]

Mayor Lightfoot questions Gov Abbott’s Christian faith, accuses him of ‘manufacturing a human crisis’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot can’t hold the high ground on any argument of morality, but that didn’t stop the openly gay, pro-abortion progressive who has allowed violent […]

Mueller wingman Andrew Weissmann NOT happy about Trump’s appointment of a special master

To many Democrats, the “rule of law” is as subjective as their whims and so proper application, seemingly untainted by political bias or animus, is enough to […]

Best political cartoons: MAGA Republicans are coming!

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Chile rejects leftist Constitution in national vote by WIDE margin

Arjun Singh, DCNF Chilerejecteda proposed constitution in a national plebiscite on Sunday, one written primarily by left-wing parties that would have dramatically reformed institutions in a progressive […]

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