Florida GOP sets blueprint for nation, registers 9 new voters for every 1 new Dem ahead of midterms

While the rest of the nation was languishing under COVID chaos, the state of Florida, under the impressive leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, repeatedly rose above the […]

Michigan State players seen on video beating up college football opponent in tunnel

A tense rivalry came to blows in Michigan Saturday night after players from the losing team surrounded and assaulted one of the victors in the tunnel as […]

Chris Wallace shares with ‘Sopranos’ star Michael Imperioli time he thought he might get whacked

Fresh off his cringey interview with pop star Meghan Trainor, CNN’s Chris Wallace got personal in a different way as he recounted a tale to “Sopranos” actor […]

‘Who looks through the trash after you’ve taken it out?’: Dem Rep torched by ex over alleged NDA

A word to the wise: If you’re a member of Congress and you spent half of your marriage to your now estranged wife in the arms of […]

‘This is big’: Dueling Florida rallies threatens to set Trump and DeSantis on collision course over 2024

The overall result of the midterms is all but decided to many prognosticators and, with attentions braced to pivot hard to 2024, dueling rallies in the Sunshine […]

Kanye apologizes to BLACKS for remark on George Floyd’s death, says he has a ‘knee on my neck now’

Kanye “Ye” West seems to have a propensity for ing holes for himself and on Friday night, he spent nearly 20 minutes talking to paparazzi about recent […]

Disney’s duplicity? Gina Carano questions Susan Sarandon getting a pass for similar post on Nazis

If there’s one thing you can count on when loing toward Hollywood, it’s the industry’s commitment to hypocrisy. Whether its actors screaming about the need to stomp […]

Elon Musk shares hilarious automated bot message he got on how to be a better Twitter manager

employees are struggling to adapt to the new reality that billionaire free speech advocate Elon Musk is now their boss and apparently, the company’s bots are […]

Black media mogul Byron Allen stands behind ‘white president in blackface’ slight directed at Obama

As comedian and media mogul Byron Allen’s $10 billion discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s proceeds, controversial remarks made by the businessman about then-President Barack Obama being a “white […]

Joey Jones: Biden linking ‘crazy’ Paul Pelosi attacker to Republicans and Jan 6 ‘absolutely shameful’

As the bizarre details of the at-home attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, come to light, Fox News’s “Big Saturday Show” panel discussed President […]

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