Joe Rogan, Dr. Phil push dangers of rainbow-colored Fentanyl to kids, despite media downplay

Be it masking, lockdowns, experimental pharmaceuticals or irreversible surgeries, progressives have an unsettling record when it comes to taking measures in the name of protecting children. When […]

Shanghai Disneyland suddenly shuts doors, visitors inside must produce negative COVID test to exit

Imagine you decided to take the family to Disneyland, and while the little ones are trying on Mickey Mouse ears, the gates to the Magic Kingdom suddenly […]

GOP expects AG Garland to indict former President Donald Trump after midterm elections

The walls may soon be closing in on former President Donald Trump, again, for the umpteenth time, as GOP insiders used the I-word to set a timetable […]

Critics charge NY’s ‘Less is More’ act allows paroled criminals to avoid jail time — even after new arrests

The dangers inherent in New York’s “Less is More” criminal justice reform measure, signed into law last year by Governor Kathy Hochul, are becoming abundantly clear to […]

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Lawsuit says Biden admin ‘wrongfully withholding’ records related to FTC baby formula probe

A new lawsuit filed by an ethics watchdog group claims President Joe Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is “wrongfully withholding” records related to the FTC’s investigation into […]

Greenwald details why fearful journalists refuse to question ‘instantly formed’ Paul Pelosi narrative

In a world where individuals can get de-platformed, de-banked, or flat-out canceled based on the whims of a temperamental mob, journalist Glenn Greenwald not only explained why […]

NBC’s Chuck Todd reports on ‘hint of a 3rd person’ in Pelosi home; police later walk back claim

The circumstances surrounding Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband being attacked in their $6 million San Francisco home by a man wielding a hammer is fraught with questionable details. […]

Elon Musk offers EPIC reply to a nasty attack from ‘crying’ Jimmy Kimmel. E-P-I-C!!!

It’s safe to say that Elon Musk does not suffer fools gladly and there’s not much of an argument to be made that when it comes to […]

Egg on AOC face after Kevin McCarthy reveals he texted privately to Nancy Pelosi after hubby attack

Following the shocking — and, admittedly, bizarre — attack on Paul Pelosi by “deranged” nudist David DePape, the left has, predictably, rushed to use the assault as […]

How midterm elections will affect the stock market

With the country already in a recession, by definition, and inflation continuing to rock the budgets of American families, the outcome of next week’s midterm elections will […]

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