Detransitioner Chloe Cole rips Gov. Devine for being ‘complicit’ with ‘mutilation of thousands of children’

Famous detransitioner Chloe Cole erupted Sunday morning on supposed “Republican” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine for shooting down a bill that would have banned sex-change “care” for minors. […]

MSNBC guest scapegoats ‘structural racism,’ claims people only ‘about 20%’ responsible for their health

The latest in race-based victimhood set personal responsibility aside in favor of scapegoating “structural racism” as the leading factor in certain chronic illnesses. (Video: MSNBC) Hardly helping […]

‘I was scaring my children’: Fetterman talks mental health struggles, fears about his career

Sen. John Fetterman recently opened up to NBC News about his mental health struggles, at one point admitting that his antics had scared his children. Flash back […]

American Airlines melt down: Fellow passengers help crew restrain unruly traveler

Berserk boarding in Brazil left five men with duct tape struggling to restrain a passenger during a Miami-bound meltdown that included desperate cries for “Help!” “They’re killing […]

US Navy helicopters sink 3 Iran-backed Houthi rebel boats in Red Sea after coming under fire

U.S. Navy helicopters sank three Houthi rebel boats on Sunday after coming under fire from the terrorists. The incident started around 6:30 am Sunday local time (10:30 […]

Frail Alzheimer’s sufferer beaten, stomped when he confuses assailant’s car for his daughter’s

The Brutal beating of a Texas man weighing “less than 100 pounds” and suffering from Alzheimer’s captured on video after confusion led him to the wrong car. […]

Harvard grad David Hogg dragged after engaging over his alleged subpar SAT score

Anti-gun activist and failed pillow mogul David Hogg was dragged on social media after the young leftist defended his admission to elite Harvard University despite a subpar […]

AZ’s Kyrsten Sinema at the ‘epicenter’ of bipartisan border talks: ‘A daughter of the border’

As Arizona’s Independent senator, Kyrsten Sinema, a one-time Democrat, is doing her best to position herself as a bi-partisan deal-maker in the quagmire that has become one […]

‘Heartbeat of America’: Dodgers legend Steve Garvey to run for Feinstein’s Senate seat

MLB legend Steve Garvey loed around California’s political scene for someone he could “support” and “couldn’t find anybody” — so he decided he’d run for the Senate […]

Trump uncorks early New Year’s message to Biden, says Dems ‘scrambling’ to let illegals vote in 2024

Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump uncorked an early New Year’s salute to President Joe Biden, his likely opponent in next year’s pivotal election that will do much […]

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