CNN’s lame Jill Biden primetime special was a big, fat flop

First Lady Jill Biden did a primetime special for CNN on Monday and pretty much no one noticed as she discussed whether the president would run again, […]

New study estimates taxpayers on the hook for $151B in illegal immigration costs

Democrats are quick to point to the economic benefits of illegal immigration, beginning with the claim that those in the United States illegally often pay taxes yet […]

Jon Stewart trashes conservatives, Fox News in vulgar rant: ‘America’s like a snake…’

Liberals understand that Fox News is the only major counter to their dogged control of the media narrative and while some on the right may take issue […]

Fauci blasted by fmr. NYT science editor for discrediting lab leak theory, Dem opens hearing by claiming he’s racist

Nicholas Wade, a former New York Times science editor, savaged Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday during a hearing on “Investigating the Origins of COVID-19,” accusing the epidemiologist […]

CNN medical analyst admits demanding people ‘follow the science’ backfired BIGLY

Dr. Leana Wen really wants the public to know that mistakes were made throughout COVID, but doesn’t seem to want to shoulder responsibility as a new op-ed […]

HelloFresh caves to PETA pressure, nixes coconut milk from Thailand over monkey slave labor accusations

Meal kit provider HelloFresh has caved to pressure from PETA and is dropping coconut milk from Thailand after the animal rights organization accused farms there of chaining […]

NYC mayor demands stores make customers remove masks when they enter because criminals are taking advantage

Residents of the Big Apple can sleep easier tonight knowing that Mayor Eric Adams (D) has tapped into his experience with the NYPD to recognize that, nearly […]

Laura Loomer rips ‘Jill DeSantis’ for ‘State of the State’ attire in bizarre Twitter attack

For those who follow politics, it’s understandable that Laura Loomer is not a serious player. An avid Trump supporter who lost not one, but two congressional bids, […]

FTC accused of ‘orchestrating an aggressive campaign to harass Twitter’

Ahead of the next hearing on the weaponization of the federal government, an interim report has revealed the extent that President Joe Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) […]

Children’s author claims woke publisher censored books behind his back: ‘I’ve never changed a word’

R.L. Stine, one of the most popular children’s authors of all time with than 300 million copies of his bos in , accused Scholastic Publishing on […]

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