Most polite ‘F—you’ in legal history? Gwyneth Paltrow whispers to man who sued her after winning case

As the decision was passed down handing actress and health guru Gwyneth Paltrow a win in her ski crash case, she paused on the way out of […]

One nation under God? Woman’s viral freak out over man approaching her sparks debate

A video has gone viral of a seemingly attractive woman sitting in her car ranting about a man “approaching” her in a parking lot, even though she […]

TikToker slammed for gleefully recording crime scene gives MIND NUMBING response to backlash

An unrepentant TikTer named Alex Bodger is getting hammered after taking a selfie and smiling while filming the body of a Canadian man who was stabbed to […]

Woman with 52-pound dog has creative solution to NYC subway rule

What is the owner of a large, fluffy dog to do when the New York City subway requires all dogs to be carried in bags? If you’re […]

Buttigieg’s DOT brewing another Biden crisis as FAA moves to ‘pull down’ summer flights

It appears Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is determined to continue his stunning streak of DOT disasters. In order to avoid a repeat of January’s disastrous grounding of […]

Maddow insists indicting a president is totally normal…But, DeSantis’s shot from ‘Fort Sumter’? That’s worrying!

The Trump haters have coveted a mug shot of Donald Trump almost from the moment he came down the Trump Tower escalator, and now that they are […]

Lindsey Graham’s call to end Bragg’s ‘bullsh*t’ interrupted by strange audio of people yelling on ‘Hannity’

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show Thursday to give his take on former President Trump being indicted, decrying the witch […]

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’: DeSantis vows he’s not done with Disney following Reedy Creek ‘Royal loophole’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken his feud with Disney on the road, telling a crowd in Smyrna, Georgia, that “there’s to come” in the fight […]

‘No way!’ Dodgers fan pummeled by security during ill-advised on-field proposal

A poorly thought-out proposal plan went about as you might expect given the circumstances, resulting in a painful lesson for the potential groom should he ever find […]

Calif judge tries to bar leftist colleague from resentencing cop killer, social media history shows why

In an extraordinary story out of California, one judge is trying to get a second judge removed from a resentencing case on the grounds that the second […]

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