‘5 must-have skills’ to survive, and thrive, in the AI revolution

Samantha Postman, a YouTube influencer, has gone viral for publishing a video late last month detailing five “must-have skills” to survive what she’s termed the “AI revolution.”

Watch the video below:

Become A Generalist

The first recommended skill is to become a generalist or “jack of all trades.”

“In the age of AI, generalists are going to trump a world that’s been traditionally ruled by specialists. Specialists is for insects. … Humans aren’t meant to specialize their entire life. We’re curious creatures. We like to explore. And we like to add multiple experiences and skills to our toolkit,” Postman said.

“Let’s be honest. If your only skill is graphic design, you already are getting replaced by AI. However, if you can pair your graphic design with 3D or world building for app development, you’ll be more like a generalist and able to thrive in the new revolution,” she added.

Determine Your Learning Style

The second recommended skill is to determine your learning style.

“As the saying goes, learning how to learn is like wishing for more wishes. Isn’t it kind of crazy that we don’t learn different learning methods in school. Turns out we all have different ways of learning,” Postman said.

“Find out about your learning style. Some people need to see and hear. Other people need to touch and smell. If we took project management in school and learned how to set milestones for their goals, we’d be a lot further ahead. And of course, progress over perfection is important to practice so that you have progress,” she added.

Embrace Craziness

The third recommended skill is to embrace craziness.

“We have people like Elon Musk. Remember when he came up with PayPal and everyone thought he was crazy? Guess what. Crazy people get to the moon. They buy Twitter. They create electric cars. Apparently, it takes a little crazy to be creative. I think crazy should be a good word,” Postman said.

“All of us have natural creativity. It’s not always in the arts. It can be in the sciences. So find your way of being creative. I know for me, photography was my creative outlet. And even if your creative outlet is not something you’re directly paid for, you can use the skills to skill stack into other industries and technologies,” she added.

Embrace Critical Thinking

The fourth recommended skill is to embrace critical thinking.

“Obviously, AI has a hard time with critical thinking. It can mimic and it can mirror, but it’s not able to perform critical thinking. In fact, it’s more likely to reinforce what the masses already think. And we know from history that often the masses are wrong. If we were still listening to the masses, we’d also think the Earth was flat,” Postman said.

“Most people think that critical thinking is about questioning everything that others say or society or the world. However, I believe the critical thinking starts with self-awareness, understanding your own cognitive bias, what are your belief systems, what is the culture you’re coming from, what have you been taught in school, what have your parents been teaching you,” she continued.

She added that once you master self-awareness, critical thinking quickly comes next.

Be Adaptable

The fifth recommended skill is to be adaptable.

“We’ve all been hearing about the plight of Gen X. They’re about 40+ age range, right before the Baby Boomers. During COVID, some of the 20-year-olds became their bosses, because they’re the ones who knew how to run the technology. Forty and fifty-year-olds are becoming irrelevant,” Postman said.

“Can you imagine when you get to 40 or 50, you might be only good enough for minimum wage? One of my friend’s coaches dad is in this exact situation who wants to become an entrepreneur because you know what, if you don’t adapt, you’ll die. One mindset hack that really helps for people who need to be adaptable is to see change as an opportunity for growth. See change as an adventure,” she added.

Bonus: Stack Your Skills!

Postman concluded her video by urging everybody to stack their skills.

“Skill stacking is where it’s at. When you combine one two or three of those skills, you develop an unfair advantage that’s hard to beat in the AI revolution,” she said.

“The age of AI is upon us. By growing your skills and creativity, learning, critical thinking, adaptability and becoming a generalist, not only will you have a lot more fun in your life — a ton of great stories — you’ll thrive in the AI revolution,” she added.

Postman’s video upload comes amid an “AI revolution” of sorts that’s occurring as more and more jobs are being “outsourced” to AI thanks to its increased capabilities.

The latest AI invention is ChatGPT, an AI bot that can answer questions and write up lengthy reports in a matter of seconds.


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