‘A walking LYING MACHINE!’ Trump attacks Biden on dishonesty ahead of first debate

One day before the first 2024 debate with President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump unloaded on his opponent as being “loose with the TRUTH.”

In a fiery post on his Truth Social platform, the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee called out Biden as a “walking LYING MACHINE” as he noted CNN, which will be moderating the debate Thursday, has no plans to include fact-checkers during the event.

“Crooked Joe Biden’s ‘Handlers’ are loudly and profusely complaining that there will be no Fact Checkers during the Debate on Thursday,” Trump wrote in an early morning post on Wednesday.

“Actually, that is just DISINFORMATION – They could not be happier, because there is nobody that’s as loose with the TRUTH as Crooked Joe,” he continued.

Trump went on to cite multiple examples like the memo signed by former Intel officers who smeared the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Russia hoax stories that launched the seemingly endless investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The former president even called attention to Biden’s many gaffes, exaggerations, and outright falsehoods.

“From the 51 Fake Intelligence Agents, to Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Fake ‘Suckers and Losers Story’ he created about our beloved Military, to cheating in College and saying he was first in his Law School Class when he was actually LAST, to claiming he marched for Civil Rights, drove trucks, and has a 6.2 Handicap (He can’t hit the Golf Ball 10 yards, but that’s a minor detail!), and so many more falsehoods, the man is a walking LYING MACHINE, and a Fact Checker’s DREAM,” Trump wrote.

“Maybe we should call him ‘Lyin’ Joe’ in addition to Crooked?” Trump’s post concluded.

With Thursday’s debate being a far departure from previous events as it’s set to take place in a television studio and there will be no live audience, Trump recently weighed in on the challenges.

“That’s the other thing,” Trump told Washington Examiner’s Byron York. “You have no audience to read. To me, the audience is easier because it’s telling you what is going on, indirectly, with applause or not applause. This room is a sterile, dead room, which is I guess what they want.”

The former president shed some light on why he accepted the questionable terms with no pushback, something that he has been criticized for even by his supporters.

“What they did, I’m pretty sure, is that they approached me with a debate that I couldn’t take,” Trump said.

He named debate moderators Dana Bash, and Jake Tapper whom he referred to as “Fake Tapper” throughout the interview. And he noted the terms — “no audience, sitting down, originally sitting down, a dead debate, turn off the mikes (sic) when you’re not speaking so I can’t interrupt him. … They knew I wouldn’t accept that because it was CNN, Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, and I like an audience and probably he doesn’t, who knows?”

“So they thought they would present it, I would say no, and they would say we can’t debate because Trump said no. So I said yes before they even gave me the terms. So he got roped into it,” he explained.

Trump also expressed that he wouldn’t be doing the expected debate prep saying, “I think debating is an attitude more than anything else.”

Frieda Powers


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