Alex Jones reacts to Musk ‘no’ on restoring Twitter account; bemoans Big Tech ‘reign of surveillance’

New Twitter owner Elon Musk’s efforts to clean up the mess at the tech giant have moved beyond purging pro-censorship brass and offloading staff who aren’t down with his vision and he is now restoring accounts that had been banned by the previous regime, unfortunately Alex Jones won’t be one of them.

The billionaire SpaceX/Tesla CEO capped off a week of triggering leftists with the restoration of several big accounts including unhinged comic Kathy Griffin, popular conservative satirical website The Babylon Bee and even former President Donald J. Trump but when it came to the controversial founder Infowars. com, his ban will remain in place, at least for now.

“What should Twitter do next?” Musk asked to which a user replied “Bring back Alex Jones!!!!”

“No,” Musk responded.

Following Musk’s refusal to reinstate his account, Jones expressed disappointment but understood the rationale behind the decision, making it clear that he holds no grudge against the world’s richest man but also encouraging people to explore other avenues than Twitter for their information.

“Elon Musk asked the question today, what should Twitter do next?” Jones said in a video posted to Rumble. “And the resounding response from Twitter, tens of thousands of responses was bring back Alex Jones. Bring back Donald Trump.”

(Video: Rumble)

“And of the question of bring back Alex Jones, he responded back and said no,” he said. “Do I blame Elon Musk for this? No, ladies and gentlemen, quite frankly I don’t care if I get brought back to Twitter. I care about any of these big tech platforms going back to free speech and back to where the internet was four years ago before this reign of surveillance and censorship because this isn’t just censorship, they’re surveilling everything you say in live time, not just on Twitter but Google, Facebook all of it in live time.”

“This is criminal,” Jones said. “Even Senator Josh Hawley yesterday brought this up to the head of the DHS Mayorkas and said you’re helping run the censorship and you’re surveilling the American people and telling big tech who to censor,” referring to the Missouri Republican’s grilling of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at a hearing on Capitol Hill this week.

“So Elon Musk has the EU threatening him not to bring back Alex Jones and Donald Trump,” he continued. “He has DHS behind the scenes with a bunch of moles inside his organization, there’s a question right now on whether Twitter will even be able to continue on to the future because all of the sabotage. So as I said in the last month with this build up, I want to see Twitter freed overall first and to see if Musk can even get control of it before we talk about Donald Trump or Alex Jones being brought back.”

Jones went on to list all of the alternatives to Twitter that are already being utilized to make the point that not everything is dependent on Musk’s decisions, “Just because there’s tyranny at Twitter and tyranny at Facebook and tyranny at Google and tyranny at Apple doesn’t mean we can’t build our own system.”

“I understand why Musk did this. He’s got the ADL and the Democratic party on him, he’s got the EU on him trying to shut him down right now,” he added. “So, don’t put all of your eggs in Elon Musk’s basket but support him trying to free up Twitter and don’t blame Musk at the end of the day because he didn’t bring me back. I’m the most controversial figure in the world because I’m the most threatening to the new world order so don’t expect him to bring me back day one when he has to first get control of the platform before he can even think about that.”

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Chris Donaldson


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