Ana Navarro drops painfully brain-dead take: Latinos support Trump to ‘pass as’ more American

Fear-mongering factored heavily into Ana Navarro’s conflated analysis of former President Donald Trump’s growing support among Latino voters trying to “pass as more American.”

(Video: CNN)

An all-angles approach endeavoring to spin blame over the border crisis away from President Joe Biden has seen Democrats gaslighting as they have on each of the incumbent’s failed policies. Now, as Trump appeared to be making inroads into heavily blue minority communities, CNN contributor Navarro deployed her own version of Biden’s “you ain’t black” with regards to immigrant populations.

Joining CNN anchor Jim Acosta and former Biden White House communications director Kate Bedingfield, Navarro was asked to respond to some of the GOP leader’s recent remarks at a rally held in the Bronx.

In the midst of smearing the president as “a misogynist” and “a racist,” the talking head who co-hosts “The View” asserted to Acosta, “This is the truth, and you and I know this as Latinos, there are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them.”

“And who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American — pass as, whatever,” she continued. “And that’s a very stupid attitude to have because what folks don’t realize is that when the guy drives thousands of miles to go hunt down Latinos in a Walmart in Texas, he doesn’t care when you came here. He doesn’t care what your accent is. What he’s looking for is, ‘Does it look like me? Does it sound like me?’ That’s what he’s looking for. So…they’re not asking for your papers, they’re just anti-that group.”

Navarro’s reference to the murder of 23 people at an El Paso, Texas Walmart in 2019, for which the killer received 90 life sentences, was only her latest callback to the tragic massacre deployed as a scare tactic to foment hate against Trump and his supporters.

In March she had said on ABC, “So I want to say to my Latino friends, some of them who might be thinking of voting for Trump: When Trump talks about poisoning the blood America, and he’s talking about migrants, when he refers to them as animals and he’s talking about migrants, and when he’s referring to them, as not-people, as invaders, let me tell you, people who hate folks like that, they’re not going to stop and ask you if you have a U.S. citizenship or a U.S. passport. They’re going to shoot first and then ask questions.”

The latest twist on the tired take that conflated immigrants with foreign nationals who illegally entered the United States came in response to a montage of moments from Trump’s rally where he said, “They want to get us from within! I think they’re building an army,” “They come in what’s called caravans. The women are treated horribly. They’re being raped at levels that nobody’s ever seen before,” and with a reference to the Al Wilson poem he’d read to crowds in the past, “Remember ‘The Snake,’ because you’re gonna get bitten like you’ve never got bitten before.”

Of course, Navarro’s take belied the actual opinion of attendees at the Bronx rally who had countered CNN’s Dasha Burns when she attempted to confront them on “Trump’s rhetoric that’s been seen as racist and bigoted.”

“They said they don’t have a problem with that,” reported Burns. “They view his actions over his words in terms of what they feel he can do for their community.”

The take from Navarro was met with heavy ridicule online as many pointed out that, instead of being woke, voters were genuinely waking up to the detriment that leftist policies were having on their communities.

Kevin Haggerty


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