Artists defend themselves after being booted from Miami Art Basel over breast ‘milking’ stunt

Art Basel in Miami is apparently where people who have too much money go to enjoy the “premier art show of the Americas,” as the event bills itself online.

Over the weekend, during Miami Art Week, two artists were forcibly removed from Art Basel after milking a woman’s breast as part of an impromptu exhibit.

Artists OONA and Lori Baldwin were booted after the stunt was deemed “too controversial,” according to the Daily Mail.

If that wasn’t wild enough, the artists who milked OONA’s breast before a crowd of 300 reportedly sold the milk for more than $200,000.

“The first glass of milk sold for 50 Ethereum – which is equal to $64,000 – and the second glass sold for 158 Ethereum, or $200,000, before the two artists were forcibly removed from the premises,” the British tabloid reported.


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The planned performance dubbed “Milking the Artist” appeared to feature prosthetic breasts, according to TMZ, which shared a video of the spectacle.

“We gotta say, it appears they use a prosthetic, but the artist tells us, ‘They are as real as you want them to be,'” the outlet reported.


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The artists claimed that Art Basel “fetishizes” female breasts before they started their performance art, the Daily Mail shared.

“At most art fairs, bare boobs only exist in paintings – framed like dead objects. Here the breasts are audacious because they are attached to a living consenting body,” OONA wrote on their joint website.

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