Biden White House slammed for ‘petty blacklisting’ of some reporters from Christmas party invites

It would appear that the White House is being selective about who they are inviting to presidential Christmas parties this year, making a list and checking it twice.

That’s according to the New York Post, which reported that President Biden “is facing an outcry from the White House press corps for the ‘petty’ exclusion of journalists from the traditional presidential media Christmas parties.”

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In stressing that invitations to the grand holiday festivals are prized perks for beat reporters covering the White House, the article noted that the Post was among those being snubbed until the newspaper requested comment and suddenly an invitation materialized.

Then again, considering the Post broke the bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, this may have been predictable.

Journalists from Salon, Newsmax and the Washington Examiner were among those who did not receive invitations, and Politico reported last week that CBS and Fox News producers and technicians were left out of the TV press party.

“We’re thrilled that, for the first time in five years, reporters will be welcomed back to the White House over the holidays,” a White House spokesperson said, according to the Post. “We have worked to be as inclusive as possible and expect to host hundreds of reporters from more than 150 outlets.”

“How many acts of petty blacklisting does this White House have to commit against accredited members of the news media before a consensus forms that President Biden is neither a champion of a free press, as he so frequently claims, nor a man of decency, as his supporters claim on his behalf?” a veteran White House reporter told The Post.

Another veteran correspondent suggested the snub could be related to repeated press access issues under Biden, saying, “It’s not just civility. It’s also about democracy, really.”

“Out of his mouth, Biden espouses that the free press is the bedrock of democracy and he supports a free and independent media and it’s important for us to make sure that governments are held accountable. But it only seems to apply for governments outside the United States,” the reporter explained.

“This guest list,” they added, “is an example of how the White House is kind of taking punitive measures against journalists that are simply doing their job exactly as the president says, or claims, he supports and that’s what’s most infuriating. It’s doublespeak and it’s pure hypocrisy, in my view.”

Yet another longtime reporter said, “Engaging in petty partisan holiday invites is a sign of weakness, not strength.”

Correspondent Brian Karem, who was insufferable when Donald Trump was in office, now writes for left-leaning Salon and has called into the prescreening of reporters at Biden events, was also on Biden’s naughty list.

“What better way to pass on the tidings of blessings than to deny it to those who you dislike,” he told the Post.

“I consider it as a great compliment that I am as apparently unliked in this administration as the last. I wish the administration all the best this holiday season. Good will to all,” he added. “I feel warmed by the spirit of the season of peace on Earth and good will towards all in knowing that it doesn’t extend to all of us.”

Tom Tillison


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