Believed dad of ‘kidnapped and raped’ girl ambushes Afghan refugee suspect outside courtroom

An alleged sex offender was literally floored by a man believed to be the father of the victim — right outside the courtroom.

Only weeks after a scene at the Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada left a convicted criminal shackled and adorned with a “spit mask,” a hall in the same building set the stage for some perceived personal retribution.

Tuesday, according to KLAS which obtained the footage from outside the courtroom, 59-year-old Afghanistan-born Yousuf Azami was attending his preliminary hearing over charges that he had allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young girl.

A moment after he stepped out of the courtroom, a man later identified as Glenn Cromwell Jr. stalked after the besuited suspect who was holding a phone up to his ear and, no sooner was the latter in range, he delivered a knockdown punch to the former sending people clamoring to their location.

In addition to sexual assault and kidnapping charges, Azami was charged with lewdness for allegedly picking up the unnamed 14- or 15-year-old in the parking lot of a marijuana dispensary where she had told officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) she was looking to “get something to smoke and eat.”

From there during the alleged Sept. 3, 2023 incident, police reports alleged that the suspect drove the girl to his apartment. “Azami was on the couch for a while on his phone and then came to lay with her on the bed. [The teenager] had just started to fall asleep when Azami lay behind her. She stated she felt his pelvis ‘grinding’ against her and he was not wearing any clothes.”

Official documents further contended the girl, the suspect proceeded to rape her after she had asked him to stop. She would go on to take a shower after the encounter and put on a piece of the suspect’s clothing before she reportedly ran from the apartment where she sought help from a man near the Mirage hotel.

The police report stated, “she met a man who was picking up his wife” and told him “she had been kidnapped and raped and needed police.”

While denying the accusations of sexual contact, Azami, who was out on $5,000 bail, had told police that he was unaware of the girl’s age.

The Clark County court incident happened only weeks after 30-year-old Deobra Redden had jumped Judge Mary Kay Holthus when she had been attempting to deliver his sentence, requiring him to be fully restrained for his sentencing of 19 to 48 months for attempted batter with substantial bodily harm.

For allegedly striking Azami, Cromwell was slapped with his own charge of battery and was expected to return to court on March 19 while the sexual assault suspect would next appear on Feb. 20.

While Cromwell’s connection to the victim remained unconfirmed at the time of this post, social media reaction spoke to the growing sentiment of justifiable civilian-delivered “justice” in a culture where violent crime has flourished thanks to soft-on-crime policies.

Kevin Haggerty


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