‘Mad scientist’: Chiefs fan ‘depressed’ over the ‘wild speculations’ about death of 3 friends

The Kansas City Chiefs fan whose three friends were found frozen outside his home is depressed over all the accusations against him.

As previously reported, three Kansas City Chiefs fans were recently found seemingly frozen to death outside their friend Jordan Willis’ home in Platte County, Missouri.

Since then, rumors have emerged that Willis was somehow behind their deaths, and according to an unnamed source close to him, he isn’t taking the speculation well.

“Not only is the whole country accusing him of murdering his friends without factual details, evidence or any charges at this time, but he also lost three close friends,” the source told Fox News.

“He didn’t get to say goodbye or go to their funerals due to the circumstances of these wild speculations and accusations. No one seems to be willing to wait for the results of the toxicology report or wait for any other facts from the police department from a case that is still under investigation to make these speculations,” the source added.

But how is it that Willis didn’t know that his friends were standing right outside his home dead? Because he was sleeping through it all.

“Willis’ attorney, John Picerno, has said his client was asleep for ‘a lot of’ the time period between allegedly escorting his friends out of his home [on Jan. 7th] and answering the door for Kansas City Police after his friends’ bodies were found behind his house around 8:51 p.m. Jan. 9,” according to Fox News.

The Kansas City Police Department for its part told Fox News that foul foul isn’t suspected and that “this case is 100 percent not being investigated as a homicide.”

But the families of the victims — Clayton McGeeney, David Harrington,  and Ricky Johnson — suspect otherwise.

“Johnson and Harrington’s family members [in particular] have accused Willis of playing an active role in the deaths, citing discrepancies in his attorney’s claims and his career as a scientist with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s Neutralizing Antibody Center, Schief Lab,” Fox News notes.

But Willis, who’s an HIV scientist, thinks their theories are nuts.

“The mad scientist agenda is absolutely ridiculous,” the source close to him said. “The fact that he is a scientist is irrelevant.”

“What’s probably important to note and maybe a reason why these families are saying they don’t know Jordan: Jordan went to high school with several of these guys. After college, he spent probably close to 10 years in Nashville and San Diego doing his graduate and post-doctorate work. He moved back to KC four or five years ago and, at some point, reconnected with his high school friends,” the source added.

The source continued by saying the three deceased men had spent “a lot” of time at Willis’ home and that all four of them, Willis included, had been planning to attend the Chiefs’ Jan. 13th game.

The source also sought to explain how it is that Willis spent two whole days inside his home without letting his dogs outside.

“Willis has one dog and his father owns another dog, and it was typical for the dogs to spend the majority of the time at Willis’ father’s home, according to the source, who said his father is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease,” according to Fox News. “Willis’ dog is ‘somewhat of a therapy dog’ for his father, the source said.”

Willis has reportedly since moved out of the home. The source cautioned however that he did so AFTER detectives searched it.

“His house was all over the news,” the source said. “Multiple people driving by every day. People are threatening him on the internet, and everyone knows where this house is thanks to the news coverage,” the source said.

“After the police cleared the house, and this story became public, Jordan moved out as his privacy and safety were at risk. He’s … still cooperating with police,” the source added.

The source described Willis as a “good guy” who “loves his friends.”

“The vitriol is awful, and I think people are afraid to speak up for him because of how vicious people are with these speculations,” the source said.

Responding to the words of the source, critics on the social media platform X expressed criticism and doubt:

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