Biden border chief ordered to quit or be fired arrogantly refuses

Chris Magnus, the commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, has reportedly been ordered by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to either quit or be fired and is arrogantly defying the directive, stating that he has absolutely “no plans to resign.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Magnus allegedly responded in an email to senior Customs and Border Protection staff that he doesn’t intend to go anywhere and will stay on the job despite the order.

“I want to make this clear: I have no plans to resign as CBP Commissioner. I didn’t take this job as a resume builder. I came to Washington, DC— moved my family here— because I care about this agency, its mission, and the goals of this Administration,” the letter proclaimed, according to Fox News.

Friday, the media outlet reported that Magnus was getting the boot. The termination follows a record-breaking year where a tsunami of illegal immigrants flowed over the southern border, inundating the United States.

Republican House members sent a letter to President Biden in November requesting that he fire Magnus after his abysmal job performance. He has been in the position for just under a year.

According to statistics put out by the Department of Homeland Security, almost 2.4 million illegal immigrants were detained at the border during the fiscal year that ended in September. That’s up a whopping 37 percent over last year.

Magnus has come under fire repeatedly for poor performance and for other controversies.

Fox News reported that in October 2021, he settled a sexual harassment and retaliation case that was filed against him by a former Richmond, California, police officer in 2017, during his time as police chief there.

Even worse, in October of this year, Politico reported that Magnus was caught sleeping during multiple meetings.

Politico went on to lay out how disliked and incompetent the progressive law enforcement leader truly is: “Five current administration officials who work with CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus portrayed him as unengaged in his job, saying he often doesn’t attend White House meetings on the situation on the border, badmouths other agencies to colleagues and superiors, and has not built relationships within CBP and across other agencies to address the influx of migrants at the border. They complain he is unfamiliar with some of the operations of CBP and instead is focused primarily on reforming the culture of the Border Patrol, addressing its long list of allegations of racism and violence.”

Magnus has hotly defended himself and will evidently not go quietly into the night.

“I care a great deal about CBP and the people who work here. In the 10 months I’ve been CBP’s Commissioner, I’ve gotten up to speed on the agency’s many complex areas of responsibility,” Magnus defensively stated. “While CBP is an operational — not a policy-making — agency, I’ve been closely involved in the major DHS immigration, border security, trade, and other policy discussions throughout my time as Commissioner. I frequently share insights from CBP’s frontline law enforcement and civilian personnel in those discussions and will continue to do so.”

Since he won’t step down, it is expected he will be fired. According to the Washington Examiner, CBP has already locked him out of his official Twitter account.

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