Tucker tackles absurd drama over the noose found on ‘King Obama’s temple’

Construction on former President Barack Hussein Obama’s library — or “temple,” as some call it — has been temporarily halted over what Fox News host Tucker Carlson suspects may be a racial hoax.

“Construction has been suspended at the Obama Presidential Center after a noose was found at the site on Chicago’s South Side, the builders said Thursday, condemning what they called an ‘act of hate,'” NBC News reported Thursday.

But speaking on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” late Friday, the eponymous host cited what happened with disgraced NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace in 2020 to raise questions about the legitimacy of this alleged hate crime.

“Have you heard a story like this before? Well, it wasn’t that long ago in the middle of a national crime wave, which it has done very little to solve, the FBI rushed a team of agents to a NASCAR garage after a character called Bubba Wallace suggested that a noose had been left in that garage. Turns out the noose was a garage door pull,” he said.

“Here’s the interesting thing: Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes like this never get corrected. Nobody ever apologized for that — not the media, not the FBI, and certainly not Bubba Wallace. In fact, Bubba Wallace said that only stupid people would doubt his story even after it was proven to be false,” Carlson continued.

He added that while Wallace didn’t necessarily make up the story, his assumption that somebody had maliciously left a noose for him was clearly wrong.

Likewise, Carlson said, the assumption that the noose found at Obama’s “temple” was left there purposefully as a slight might also very well be wrong.

“A lot of these stories are,” he noted.

“Why do they keep appearing? We’ll tell you why — because accusations of hate crimes and bias more generally, are tools that the people in power use, not the powerless, the powerful, to ward themselves greater and totally unearned moral authority over everybody else,” he continued.

Incidentally, Obama is a perfect example of this phenomenon, according to Carlson.

“Obama is a half-white guy with an Ivy League degree and served as president of the United States for two terms and lives in two oceanfront compounds in the richest zip codes in the world. Does that sound like oppression? No, it sounds like privilege. That’s fine, but no, they tell you he’s Emmett Till,” the Fox News host explained.

“He’s a powerless victim of your racism. So, when you make allegations like that, nobody gets to ask the obvious questions like, where did you get all this money? Like, how are you making a living? How did you get so rich? What have you been selling in exchange for that money and by the way, why are you spending a half a billion dollars on a presidential library?” he continued.

Americans aren’t allowed to ask these questions, among others, Carlson added, “because all you know is that somebody left a noose at a construction site because this is an immoral, racist country.”

The noose at the library wouldn’t really even be a matter of discussion in the first place, except that the authorities are now reportedly offering a $100,000 reward to anybody who can help them solve the noose mystery.

“$100,000 because we victimized Barack Obama yet again and his wife. What’s interesting is, for perspective, is that there’s no $100,000 reward outstanding for the, say, thousands of unsolved murders in this country and that’s a lot of murders. In fact, roughly half the murders that occur in the United States are now never solved because they’re not becoming third worlds or anything,” Carlson said.

“Thomas Hargrove, who runs the Murder Accountability Project, put it this way very crisply: ‘It’s a 50/50 coin-flip. It’s never been this bad. During the last seven months of 2020, most murders went unsolved. That’s never happened before in America.’ Now, why is that happening? Because nobody cares. That’s why and where are these murders happening? Oh, in Obama’s fake hometown of Chicago. A lot of them,” he added.

But there’s no $100,000 reward for solving these murders, and that’s the point, the Fox News host stressed.

“Again, if all the moral outrage were directed on behalf of people with no power who are actually suffering (and there are millions of them in America), you could kind of put up with it, but all this huffing and puffing over Barack and Michelle Obama? Most people don’t see them as a color. They see them for what they are, which is the most privileged people in the world,” he said.

“[A]nd yet Michelle Obama just wrote a whole book about her struggle to ‘stay visible in a world that doesn’t necessarily see a tall, Black woman.’ What? You don’t see Michelle Obama? She was the president’s wife for eight years. How much money has Michelle Obama made in the last six years? Oh, you’d love to know, but you’re supposed to just accept it uncritically, just like you’re supposed to believe the Jussie Smollett hoax,” he added.

This, sadly, is contemporary America in a nutshell, the host concluded. It’s a country where the most powerful people are portrayed as the victims, meaning they can’t be questioned.

“We’re watching a transfer of moral authority from the population, a nation of citizens, to the top 1% and as the recession deepens and people get poorer, you’re going to see a lot more of this. ‘Don’t notice my looting. I’m the victim.’ That’s why Hillary Clinton plays the sexism card. ‘Don’t ask questions. I’m a woman,'” Carlson said.

“Yeah, they all do it. Chelsea Clinton does it. Nancy Pelosi does it, Ocasio-Cortez does it. Kamala Harris does it. The most powerful people in the world are always telling you they’re victims. Joe Biden can’t do it, of course, because he’s a white man so instead, he accuses you of transphobia, thereby keeping the balance of moral authority on his side of the scale. ‘Shut up, transphobe!'” he concluded.


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