Biden cruelly leaves smitten young Black woman blowing in the wind: ‘The look on her face. Oh my!’

“The look on her face. Oh my!”

Still reeling from his disastrous debate, a viral clip of Joe Biden fawning over fans added a new image issue for the sitting president.

Over a week of free fall for the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee included increased calls for the incumbent to step aside and rampant denials of anything but unity from leaders on the left. In addition to sitting down for a damage control interview Friday, Biden’s effort to shore up his “Blue Wall” from 2020 saw him seemingly shunning a “smitten black girl.”

Swinging through Madison, Wisconsin where he read the prepared remarks, “I’m staying in the race,” and concluded, “So let’s stand together, win this election and exile [former President] Donald Trump politically,” the president turned to the crowd as Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” began to play.

It was then, as he glad-handed rally-goers who comprised his backdrop, that the anticipation of one attendee ended with her appearing crestfallen from a stark snub.

Video circulating social media that had the Catturd account suggesting, “Trump should run this as a campaign ad,” showed as the unidentified supporter eagerly held her “Biden-Harris” sign awaiting her turn to snap a selfie with the president as he done at length with the people beside her.

However, as the late Rush Limbaugh’s producer and call screener James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” intoned with his own caption, “The look on her face. Oh my!” the excitement fizzled out like a dud sparkler at the post-Independence Day rally as a rebuff from Biden wiped the smile from her face.

Not only did she not get the opportunity to snap a selfie with the president, who focused his attention on some of the women that were near her, the girl was left standing there as the octogenarian leaned over her shoulder as though she weren’t even there.

“Smitten black girl rejected by Biden who instead stopped to take selfies with old angry white women,” added John Curtis as former police officer Brandon Tatum tacked on, “When people SHOW you who they really are, believe them…Took credit for 1994 crime bill…Called blacks ‘super predators’…Said if you don’t vote for him ‘you ain’t black’…I could go on.”

Throughout 2024, considerable attention has been paid to the incumbent, who recently said on the radio that he was “proud to be…the first vice president, first black woman…to serve with a black president,” and his pandering to demographics that were peeling away support.

Of course, Biden wasn’t alone making the young attendee feel unwelcome at the rally Friday as an elderly woman beside her, who herself was corrected by the president Secret Service detail for putting a hand on the commander-in-chief, chastised the girl for holding her sign.

Image via YouTube

As reactions poured in with sympathy for the girl, it was widely agreed that she wouldn’t have been treated as poorly had she been at a rally for Trump, and that the GOP leader should extend an invite to her for an upcoming event.

Kevin Haggerty


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