Biden’s misfire on Sen. Warner made WAY worse by his team in now-deleted tweet. Also, ‘what’s a little public blackmailing of a sitting Senator?’

President Joe Biden’s damage control interview saw the campaign only dig its hole deeper after the candidate took a fact-checked swipe against a fellow Democrat ready for a new nominee.

(Video: ABC News)

Since his debate against former President Donald Trump, the resident-in-chief has faced a growing consensus from his own side of the political aisle to withdraw from the race. Friday, as he fumbled his way through an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos as part of attempt to allay concerns, a potshot against Virginia Sen. Mark Warner wound up being a total misfire made worse by Biden’s own social media team.

During the sit down with Stephanopoulos, the president was asked about a new report from the Washington Post Friday that asserted the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee “is attempting to assemble a group of Democratic senators to ask President Biden to exit the presidential race…”

In response, the president contended “Mark is a good man,” before he added, “he also tried to get the nomination too.”

Biden decried any possibility of party leaders like New York Sen. Chuck Schumer or California Rep. Nancy Pelosi asking him to step aside and suggested, “If the Lord almighty came down and said Joe get out of the race, I’d get out of the race. the Lord almighty’s not coming down.”

Unfortunately for the candidate working to deflect concerns of his waning mental capabilities, his staff appeared equally encumbered as their effort to capitalize on the dull zing resulted in a series of posts from the alternate persona account “Dark Brandon” that were quickly deleted as users on X pointed out the obvious, “Mark Warner didn’t seek the nomination. He didn’t even announce. This was in 2008, when Biden finished at 1% in Iowa.”

Others aided in setting the record straight ahead of a potential gathering of congressional Democrats at the White House Monday night to confront Biden, as the Post suggested was Warner’s goal. Among them was Matt Whitlock, formerly of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who contended Biden had confused Warner with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet who had run in 2020 as he pitched adding a translator to the president’s public appearances.

Piling on to the disfavor for the Virginia lawmaker, author Don Winslow made any eyebrow-raising post Friday night that left the senator seemingly facing the threat of possible extortion, “Dear @MarkWarner. Are you sure you want to do down this road? You definitely know what I’m talking about. Think about it very carefully.”

Yashar Ali from HuffPost drew attention to the comment and expressed, “Author Don Winslow appears to be threatening — perhaps with negative information — US Senator Mark Warner who serves as Chairman of Senate Intelligence. This comes after reporting has revealed that Warner is organizing a group of Senators to talk to Biden about his candidacy.”

While some called out Winslow over it, others showed their unwavering support for Biden and seemed to have no qualms with a “by any means necessary” approach to salvaging his candidacy.

Kevin Haggerty


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