‘Biden doesn’t exist’: Joe Rogan points to ‘mysterious cabal of humans’ running America

Crying “elder abuse,” podcast phenom Joe Rogan dropped his theory on the “mysterious cabal” really in charge of the White House.

“I’m of the opinion… that Biden doesn’t exist.”

(Video Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience)

The latest installment of the “Joe Rogan Experience” wasn’t the first time that President Joe Biden has been called a puppet, but the context and delivery certainly raised eyebrows. Joined by comedian Tim Dillon, the duo segued from the surprising improvements of the stroke-recovering Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman (D) directly into what the decline of the president’s mental and physical state said for “the system.”

“I’m of the opinion, and I think you are too, that Biden doesn’t exist,” stated Rogan prompting his guest to fire back, “It could be the first AI thing!”

Remaining grounded, the host expressed, “I think he’s a living human being, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing there. It doesn’t exist.”

Elaborating on what that meant as the public has seen the president paraded to events, handed note cards on what he was supposed to do and say, all while corporate media behaved as though Biden were fit as a fiddle, Rogan contended, “Everything around him is what’s supporting the country, which is kind of crazy, kind of shows you the system kinda works.”

He also argued that the establishment’s effort to defend the incumbent amounted to voters getting gaslit into casting a ballot for “this mysterious cabal of humans that’s actually running the country.”

The host even shared a recent report from the Wall Street Journal that outlined how congressional leaders had been expressing their concerns when meeting with the leader of the free world behind closed doors, stating that “the president’s memory had slipped,” and, “He’s not the same person,” he once was.

“Isn’t it crazy when Obama was president, the worst they could get on him was, remember when he wore that tan suit? He never had a single moment publicly where he stumbled, where he said something really stupid. This is insane,” said Rogan with nothing to say about the Navy “corpseman” that had been praised or the 57 states Biden’s former boss had boasted of visiting.

“If it was any other job,” argued the host, “it would be elder abuse. If there was a guy who was running the corner grocery store and his family was making him run it and he was that old and they had money, you’d be like, what the f*ck are you doing to your dad? Why are you making your dad work? Your dad’s out of it.”

Still, it was the commentator’s belief that with all of the corporate media selling the idea that Biden was fully capable of doing his job, it would be a Herculean effort to try and justify swapping him out for a different candidate before November.

Given the reach of Rogan’s podcast, with nearly 17 million subscribers to his YouTube channel alone, reactions on social media suggested that the message, while hardly new for some, could stir others to reconsider who they were supporting.

Kevin Haggerty


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