Biden hits Tucker Carlson for cheap laugh at WHCD event; gets downright mean in targeting MTG

The White House Correspondents’ Association gathered again this weekend for its annual dinner and yucked it up at the expense of conservatives who just aren’t cool enough to get the jokes.

Naturally, the most anticipated moment of the evening is when the President of the United States takes the stage and delivers a string of well-scripted, poorly-delivered “zingers.”

This is the one time of the year when POTUS has the chance to openly mock half the nation and insult the representatives they elect — as though inflation, the threat of war, soaring crime, and the weaponization of the nation’s Department of Justice were all put on pause for the night — and Biden took a senior’s swing at every low-hanging fruit his writers dangled.

But this is Joe Biden we’re talking about here, and his addle-brained attempts at smashing the punchlines proved to be the real joke.

“I want everybody to have fun tonight. But please be safe,” Biden told his captive audience. “If you find yourself disoriented or confused, it’s either you’re drunk or Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Oh, bazinga, right?

The compliant crowd cackled.

But when the president poked “fun” at Tucker Carlson, the media mob wasn’t so quick to chuckle.

“The job isn’t finished,” Biden said, a reference to his rather ominous-sounding campaign slogan, “Let’s finish the job.”

“I mean, it is finished for Tucker Carlson,” he quipped.

Evidently, seeing the most-watched host on the top-rated network get ousted on a whim hit a little too close to home. The crowd gasped. Boos could be heard.

It was clearly an unanticipated reaction.

“What are you booing about like that?” a defiant Biden demanded to know. “What, you think that’s not reasonable? Gimme a break. Just gimme a break.”

It would seem the slow and steady strangling of the First Amendment isn’t quite the laughing matter Biden’s writers thought it was.

And you know what else isn’t funny?


Iranda and all the “wrongfully detainees” from Iranda that Biden’s administration heroically brought home.

If you’ve never heard of Iranda, chances are you are either drunk, you’re Marjorie Taylor Greene, or you’re not fit to run the free world.

Biden did offer up some self-deprecating digs.

“You say I’m over the hill,” he stated. “Don Lemon would say that’s a man in his prime.”

But even with the dumpster fire that is CNN, it was far easier for the President to crack jokes about Fox News.

“It’s great that cable news networks are here tonight: MSNBC owned by NBC Universal, Fox News owned by Dominion Voting Systems,” he snarked.

“Last year, your favorite Fox News reporters were able to attend because they were fully vaccinated and boosted,” he continued. “This year, with that $780 million settlement, they’re here because they couldn’t say no to a free meal.”

“And hell, I’d call Fox ‘honest, fair and truthful,'” he added. “But then I’d be sued for defamation!”

Online, reactions to Biden’s set were predictably split down party lines.

While liberals crawled out of the woodwork to applaud the president’s “mic drop” moments, conservatives cringed — hard.

“Hahahaha while the country falls apart,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“I have never in my whole entire life been more embarrassed by anyone more in leadership than Joe Biden,” stated another.

“Me too,” replied a third. “It’s a continuous running embarrassment that never gets better, not even one time.”


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