Biden jokes that he could ‘blow up the world’ rips ‘Congressman Trump’ in latest gaffe fest

President Joe Biden joked that he could “blow up the world” in another one of his off-script moments that have been a constant problem for his handlers who once again will be forced to clean up his mess.

The geriatric Democrat traveled to the Rocky Mountain region on Wednesday where he toured a South Korean company’s windmill factory in Pueblo during a gaffe-ridden day, making headlines when he yucked it up with a trio of workers clad in yellow vests by a giant turbine.

(Video: Grabien)

“Now look, my Marine carries that, but it has the code to blow up the world,” the president quipped. That doesn’t, this is not….nuclear weapons is it….alright, ok…you think I’m kidding.”

At a time when relations with global nuclear powerhouses Russia and China are at an all-time low amid fears of Biden blundering into WW III, it wasn’t a laughing matter to users on the X platform who reacted to the shocking remarks.

Later, the 81-year-old leader made an embarrassing mistake when referring to South Korea’s leadership during an often-rambling speech.

“I am friends with your leader, Mr. Moon, you know,” Biden told the corporate leaders at the CS Wind plant which the White House touted as “the largest wind tower manufacturer in the world.”

Former South Korean President Moon Jae-in left office in 2022.

Then there was “Congressman Trump” who made an appearance during dear leader’s address.

Biden also bashed Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in her own backyard.

“Today, President Biden will visit CS Wind in Pueblo, Colorado — the largest wind tower manufacturer in the world — to highlight how Bidenomics is creating jobs and opportunities in Colorado’s third congressional district. CS Wind recently announced it is expanding operations and creating hundreds of jobs as a direct result of the Inflation Reduction Act — which self-described MAGA Republican Representative Lauren Boebert called ‘dangerous for America,’ a ‘massive failure,’ and ‘bad for Colorado’s Third District,’” the White House said in a statement announcing Biden’s trip to Colorado.

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