Biden props George Floyd up as an American hero on anniversary of death – X responds

President Joe Biden is facing massive backlash for using Memorial Day weekend to honor deceased criminal convict George Floyd.

“George Floyd should be alive,” the president wrote in a tweet published Saturday. “He deserved so much more. Today, I join all those who loved him and all those touched by the civil rights movement he inspired in remembering the tragedy and injustice of his death.”

“He changed the world. Now, let’s act in his memory,” the president added.


Floyd died during a police altercation in 2020 that stemmed from him trying to purchase cigarettes with counterfeit money.

Instead of complying with the authorities, he resisted arrest and “ingested” fentanyl before his encounter with police, according to CBS News.

During the proceeding arrest, he claimed he couldn’t breathe when Minneapolis Police Department Ofc. Derek Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck/shoulder.

Floyd eventually became unresponsive and died on the scene, prompting calls for Chauvin and the other three arresting officers to be charged with murder. Ultimately, Chauvin was charged and convicted, as were the other three officers.

But many now say that an injustice was carried out. As evidence, they point to autopsy results showing that Floyd had an unsustainable amount of fentanyl in his blood when he died:

Critics also say Floyd was anything but the “hero” and martyr” that he’s been propped up as by the disturbingly pro-criminal left.

“What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd,” Bob Kroll, the head of the Minneapolis police union, told his union members in a letter in the days after Floyd’s death. “The media will not air this.”

Floyd spent five years in prison for assaulting and robbing a pregnant woman. Prior to that, he’d been convicted multiple times on everything from theft with a firearm to drugs.

Among those now coming after Biden over his outrageous tweet is women’s rights activist Riley Gaines.

“Even with evidence that he died of an overdose, this administration props Floyd up as a hero,” she tweeted later Saturday. “This weekend is for honoring and mourning those who returned home in a box while fighting for this country, not convicted repeat criminals.”

Critics are also bashing Biden for prioritizing the life of Floyd over that of Laken Riley, the 22-year-old American who was brutally kidnapped and murdered by a criminal alien in February — and whose name the president screwed up during his State of the Union address.

As of Sunday morning, the president’s George Floyd tweet boasted only 34,000 likes and 13,000 retweets but over 35,000 comments, virtually all of them stinging.

“George Floyd killed himself with fentanyl and you and your supporters lied about his cause of death in order to start a race war, mass violence, and mass lootings during Trump’s Presidency,” one critic tweeted.

“That was the REAL insurrection. You even put an innocent man in prison just to keep pushing the lie. You’re a traitor to this country and the worst President in history,” they added.

“You’re right [that Floyd should be alive],” another critic tweeted. “If he hadn’t eaten all of his drugs when the police arrived he wouldn’t have died of an overdose. But then you and yours wouldn’t have had an excuse to burn our cities down now would you?”

Vivek Saxena


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