Hillary Clinton uncorks yet another whine about 2016 election

Continued kvetching over the 2016 presidential election had Hillary Clinton complaining about sexism — from women.

Time and again, lamentations from the left have shown that former President Donald Trump has continued to occupy a space in their minds rent-free since his famed ride down an escalator into politics. Now, nearly eight years removed from being trounced by the billionaire turned GOP leader, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state pointed to her own alleged corruption as something that would have been dismissed were she a man.

Speaking with writers from The New York Times as part of their upcoming book, “The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America,” Clinton harkened back to her October surprise when then-FBI Director James Comey had reopened the investigation into her handling of classified information via the use of a private email server while working for the State Department.

“But once [Comey] did that to me, the people, the voters who left me, were women,” said the secretary.

“They left me because they just couldn’t take a risk on me, because as a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect,” she argued. “They were willing to take a risk on Trump — who had a long list of, let’s call them flaws, to illustrate his imperfection — because he was a man, and they could envision a man as president and commander in chief.”

Clinton appeared to be referencing allegations against her rival such as the supposed extramarital affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels central to the president’s New York criminal trial, as well as his own infamous unearthed comments heard during an interview with Billy Bush for Access Hollywood.

Much like her reported efforts to smear the sexual assault and rape accusers of her own husband, the secretary’s selective concern over women was bereft of Trump’s artful deflection off the audio wherein he invited some of the Democratic figure’s accusers — Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey — to a pre-debate press conference as well as to the event itself.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Broaddrick had said. “Mr. Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don’t think there’s any comparison.”

Still, Clinton endeavored to push her pitch that access to baby killing facilities was only one of many supposed civil rights on the line come November with a pearl-clutching take on the future of democracy, “This election is existential. I mean, if we don’t make the right decision in this election in our country, we may never have another actual election. I will put that out there because I believe it. And if we no longer have another actual election, we will be governed by a small minority of right-wing forces that are well organized and well funded and are getting exactly what they want in terms of turning the clock back on women.”

Revisionist excuses were no match for social media reality checks as X users were quick to remind Clinton that her cope on gender had nothing to do with her loss.

Kevin Haggerty


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