Biden pummeled for attempt to fundraise on Trump arrest date: ‘Totally not a political prosecution’

While former President Trump was being arrested, booked, and given a mugshot at the Fulton County Jail, President Biden was shamelessly fundraising off the disgraceful act of political persecution.

“Apropos of nothing, I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign,” Biden sent out on X Thursday, attempting to capitalize on Trump’s surrender in Georgia.

The brazen political timing of the message was apparent to just about everyone. As Trump’s legal battle with the Left continues to play out, many called it a “sad day for America,” but that didn’t stop Biden from raising campaign funds over it.

Meanwhile, Trump used his iconic mugshot to raise funds for his legal defense and decried his political targeting on Truth Social, “America is becoming a Banana Republic. That’s what happens when you Indict and Prosecute your Political Opponent. These are DARK DAYS in the life of America!”



On Thursday, as Trump turned himself in to the notorious Fulton County Jail, hundreds lined the street in support of the former president waving large banners and flags that read “Trump Won, Save America.”

The more indictments the left piles on Trump, the more Americans want to vote for him. His mugshot has gone viral and the whole witchhunt against the former president is backfiring spectacularly.

It should be noted that at almost the exact same time that Trump’s plane landed in Atlanta so he could be booked, the White House announced a phone call with Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine, according to Reuters.

“I spoke with my friend President Zelenskyy today to wish him and the people of Ukraine a happy Independence Day. May today be a reminder that the forces of darkness and dominion will never extinguish the flame of liberty that lives in the heart of free people everywhere,” Biden wrote on X, after announcing the call which was obviously not a coincidence.

Conservatives tore into Biden for relishing Trump’s arrest and booking:

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