Biden says he plans to run in 2024, confused on how many more Easter egg rolls that would be

In his trademark incoherent fashion, President Biden seemed incapable of counting the number of Easter egg rolls he will take in the future while he embarrassingly bungled stating that he will run for the presidency in 2024 when asked by TODAY’s Al Roker about it.

(Video Credit: TODAY)

Biden did not make an official announcement of running for the presidency in the face-palm moment but indicated that he will do so. It’s an announcement of sorts, albeit an incompetent one.

The NBC anchor was doing a segment on the show for the White House Easter egg roll. Roker asked Biden if he plans to host more of them in the future, which was a blatant reference to his reelection plans.

“I plan on at least three or four more Easter egg rolls. Maybe five. Maybe six, what the hell? I don’t know,” Biden said with a smile, obviously confused over the question.

“Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming election in 2024? Help a brother out, make some news for me,” Roker smilingly kidded the president.

“I plan on running, Al, but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,” Biden teased to the horror of many on both sides of the political aisle as his wife stood by his side to make sure he didn’t gaffe too terribly during the interview. He also still plans to run with the equally incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris at his side.

Biden has been saying for months now that he fully intends on running for a second term but he keeps pushing out the official announcement timeline, causing many to wonder if he, in fact, will do so. He seems frail, old, and addled. He was supposed to announce his run after February’s State of the Union address but never did so. Recently, the White House claimed he would announce it in the spring but so far, there has been nothing.

The latest word now is that Biden will announce his reelection plans this summer, according to The Hill. The White House is claiming there is no rush to do so, but politically the clock is ticking down. Instead, those surrounding the president assert that delaying the announcement will allow him to focus on his job of being president and promoting his agenda to the public.

It should be noted that previous candidates have been able to do both. This president, however, cannot politically walk and chew gum at the same time evidently. Now, Team Biden will recruit TikTokkers to push their “Weekend at Bernie’s” candidate into 2024.

Journalist and host of the “Rubin Report,” Dave Rubin snarked on Twitter, “He can barely say one coherent sentence. Does anyone think that’s a problem or nah?”

Host of “The Financial Guys Podcast,” Mike Sperrazza, quipped, “@JoeBiden of course you would essentially announce your re-election bid in a totally incoherent sentence. We need new leadership.”

Another user going by Sherri – FFT cringingly noted, “WTH!!?!?‍♀️Biden was asked about his part in the upcoming election. His response: ⬇️’I’m either the guy rolling the egg or pushing it out.'”

If re-elected, Biden would be 82 at the beginning of his second term. He is already the oldest sitting president and from the beginning has not appeared to be in full control of his faculties. He has yet to have a major primary challenger step up to take him on. The only Democrat so far to announce a run is author Marianne Williamson, who ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2020.

Biden was dragged for his latest flub and for claiming he’s running in 2024:


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