Biden team trots out mask wearing Robert De Niro to trash Trump outside courthouse, YUGE mistake

In a cringingly desperate and pathetic move, President Biden’s campaign team deployed Trump-hater Robert De Niro and Jan. 6 DC police officers to smear former President Trump outside the Manhattan courthouse where he is on trial.

As closing arguments began in New York vs. Donald Trump on Tuesday, De Niro showed up in an N95 mask and proceeded to spout lies about Trump. He tried to temper his foul mouth but showed his true colors rather quickly. His words concerning the former president dripped with hatred, calling him a “clown” and a “terrorist” repeatedly. A class act it was not but it is what you would expect from the washed-up actor.

As De Niro launched into his false tirade claiming that Trump would not only destroy the country but the world while calling him a dictator, he was heckled by supporters of the former president. You could see it incensed him and he raged that if Trump had any decency he would tell his supporters not to harass him. But again, if De Niro had any decency he would not slander the former president outside a courtroom.

“This is my neighborhood, downtown New York City. I grew up here and feel at home in these streets. I feel comfortable. The Twin Towers fell just over here, just over there. This part of the city was like a ghost town, but we vowed we would not allow terrorists to change our way of life. And we started the Tribeca festival to bring people back. I love this city,” De Niro intoned.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“I love this city. I don’t want to destroy it. Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city, but the country and eventually, he could destroy the world,” the actor ridiculously claimed using heated hyperbole that few buy into.

“But we vowed we would not allow terrorists — I owe this city a lot. That’s why it is so weird that Donald Trump is just across the street. He doesn’t belong in my city. I don’t know where he belongs. But he certainly doesn’t belong here,” De Niro proclaimed.

The actor made himself the self-appointed spokesman for all New Yorkers and relished calling Trump names. It was reminiscent of a five-year-old throwing a hissy fit.

“We New Yorkers used to tolerate him when he was just another grubby real estate hustler masquerading as a big shot, a two-bit playboy lying his way into the tabloids, pretending to be a spokesman, a spokesperson for himself. He was calling as himself for himself to fool the press and to inflating his net worth. A clown!” he railed.

“But this city is pretty accommodating. We make room for clowns. We have them all over the city. People who do crazy things in the street. We tolerate it and it is part of the culture, but not a person like Trump who will eventually run the country. That does not work and we all know that. Anyway, we make room for clowns. To each his own,” De Niro condescendingly asserted.

Around the 7:30 min mark in the video above De Niro briefly spars with someone in the crowd who called the Capitol officers ‘traitors’ for lying under oath. This, wasn’t De Niro’s first nor last interaction with the pro-Trump crowd.

The actor took swipes not just at Trump but Christians, conservatives, and anyone who supports the former president. His lies were simply breathtaking and all evidently sanctioned by the Biden campaign.

“No one took him really seriously. They take him seriously now, of course. But around the country, people who didn’t know him as we did started to support him. They bought into his bullsh*t. Trump bought their votes with outrageous lies and empty promises. He got the most religious evangelicals to applaud a sinner who bragged about sexual assault and who just a couple of blocks from here, a jury found him liable for sexual abuse,” De Niro spouted.

“Somehow he even got self-styled patriots to support a man who called for terminating the Constitution and on January 6th, rallied an angry mob to threaten democracy, leaving death and destruction in its wake,” he said with a straight face knowing full well the only one to die on Jan. 6 was actually a Trump supporter and that the former president did not rally anyone to attack the Capitol.

Then came his pitch for the vicious propaganda campaign ad for which Biden had De Niro do a voiceover. The media ate it up and started spitting talking points on how Americans just don’t remember how bad it was under Trump.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“That’s why I needed to be involved and wanted to be involved in the new Biden/Harris ad because it shows the violence of Trump and reminds us he will use violence against anyone who stands in the way of his greed. But it is a coward’s violence. You think Trump ever threw a punch himself or took one? This guy ran and hid in the White House bunker with protestors outside, no way,” De Niro expertly deflected.

“He doesn’t get blood on his hands, no he doesn’t. He directs the mob to do his dirty work for him by making a suggestion, an inference, and his gang follows his obvious order. It’s no surprise the murder rate and other violent crimes peaked under Trump and are falling under Biden, and now he is promising to use our own military to attack U.S. citizens. That’s the tyrant,” he falsely claimed.

“That’s the tyrant he is telling us he will be. And believe me, he means it. When Trump ran in 2016, it was like a joke, this buffoon running for president. It could never happen. We got the lessons of history that showed us other clowns who weren’t taken seriously until they became vicious dictators. With Trump, we have a second chance, and no one is laughing now. This is the time to stop him by voting him out once and for all. We don’t want to wake up after the election saying ‘What, again? My God, what the hell have we done?’ We can’t have that happen again,” De Niro concluded.

Video obtained by RNC Research shows a masked De Niro being paraded in while protesters can be heard yelling at him.

A crowd can be heard yelling ‘F**k Joe Biden’ while De Niro spoke in another clip from CSPAN:

Further footage showed De Niro making a B-line for his getaway car while people yelled, “You’re a nobody and your movies suck!”

Needless to say, the publicity stunt appeared to be a huge backfire, and X users continued to shred both De Niro and Biden for the vile spectacle:


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