Biden tells Supreme Court to suck it, plans second attempt at student loan forgiveness

What’s it called in America when the leader of the Executive Branch of government tells the chiefs of the Judicial Branch to suck it?

Because it appears that is precisely what President Joe Biden is planning to tell the Supreme Court.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, “The Biden administration is poised to issue a proposal aimed at reducing or eliminating student loan balances for millions of borrowers, according to people familiar with the matter, marking President Biden’s second attempt at large-scale loan forgiveness.”

As BizPac Review reported in June 2023, the Supreme Court blocked in a 6-3 ruling the Biden administration’s use of executive power, which would have canceled student debt for roughly 40 million individuals.

“[T]he HEROES Act provides no authorization for the Secretary’s plan even when examined using the ordinary tools of statutory interpretation—let alone ‘clear congressional authorization’ for such a program,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion for Biden v. Nebraska.

But what’s a Supreme Court ruling when there’s an election coming?

“Biden is planning to outline the broad strokes of the new proposal during a speech on Monday in Madison, Wis., where he is expected to tout his administration’s wide-ranging efforts to chip away at the student debt burden facing more than 40 million Americans, the people said,” according to The Journal.

“The president’s advisers hope to use the rules to begin canceling waves of student debt in the run-up to the November election, but the exact timing of the effort will depend on how quickly the administration can finalize the regulations,” the article continued. “The debt forgiveness push could give Biden a political boost, especially among young people, amid polls that show him trailing former President Donald Trump, his GOP opponent, in several key states.”

President Biden has made no secret of his complete lack of respect for one of the three branches of government he swore to protect and defend.

Speaking at the Julian Dixon Library in Culver City, California, in February, Biden discussed canceling student debt for another 153,000 people, totaling $1.2 billion.

The Supreme Court “didn’t stop me,” he bragged.

“Early in my term, I announced a major plan to provide millions of working families with debt relief for their college student debt,” he said. “Tens of millions of people in debt were literally about to be canceled in debts. But my MAGA Republican friends in the Congress, elected officials and special interests stepped in and sued us. And the Supreme Court blocked it. But that didn’t stop me.”

“After his first plan was rejected, Biden vowed that he would ‘stop at nothing to find other ways to deliver relief to hard-working middle-class families,’ and has since wiped away nearly $138 billion in federal student loans for almost 3.9 million borrowers through other actions while circumventing Congress, which holds the power of the purse,” Fox Business reported.

“Also on Friday,” the outlet added, “a U.S. appeals court blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a rule that would make it easier for people defrauded by their colleges or universities to have their student loans forgiven, saying key provisions were ‘almost certainly unlawful.'”

“It’s bad enough that he’s attempting to bribe voters with our money,” wrote one user on X of Biden. “But worse? Way too many voters will fall for it. Hope the SC stuffs him. Again.”


Melissa Fine


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