Biden’s base just handed Trump a big gift ‘on a silver platter’

Meghan McCain has joined the chorus of voices warning that President Joe Biden may lose the 2024 race because of the anti-Israel protests.

She issued the warning in a tweet published Thursday which included a photo of a university George Washington statue that’d been vandalized with a keffiyeh and Palestinian flag.

This image is Trumps most powerful attack ad – handed to him on a silver platter by radical progressives,” McCain’s caption read.


While it’s not entirely clear yet who she intends to vote for in the 2024 race, it’s known she voted for Biden in the 2020 race and subsequently celebrated when he won against then-President Donald Trump.


As a result, while folks agreed with her warning, they were quick to mock her for having effectively chosen this route in the first place.


That said, she’s not the only Biden fan who’s issued a warning about the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Responding last week to a ridiculous list of demands by anti-Israel protesters, Bloomberg columnist and Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias also admitted that the protests are hurting Biden’s chances.

“Well, I think Trump is really bad, and that abortion rights, tax policy, climate change, and the American public’s health care are very important issues so I am annoyed that pro-Palestinian protestors are doing a lot to sandbag Biden’s re-election,” he wrote on X.


Meanwhile, radically anti-Trumper Michael Rapaport recently published a video to social media arguing that the anti-Israel protests are going to effectively hand the election to his arch-nemesis.

“You know what’s going to be great?” Rapaport sarcastically said, “When d–k stained Donald Trump gets elected — and I ain’t saying I’m voting for him — but when he does win, and he’s going to win, the screaming and yelling that you [expletives] on college campuses are doing now, the screaming that you are doing at Jews about, ‘Free Palestine,’ the screaming you are doing at Zionists, is nothing compared to the screaming you are going to be doing come November, when d— stained Donald Trump wins [the] presidency because of you. Because of you.”


Even The New York Times, one of Biden’s biggest media groupies, is stressed over the election. In a report filed earlier this month, the paper noted how anti-Vietnam War protests in 1968 derailed that year’s Democrat National Convention and ultimately led to Republican Richard Nixon being elected as president.

“Back then, many voters watching the nightly news got the impression that the party could not control its own delegates, never mind a country that was wrestling with an unpopular war,” the Times reported.

Appearing on MSNBC, Democrat Rep. Mark Thompson also drew a connection between the 1968 protests and what’s happening now.

“Honestly, it looks like we are headed back there,” he said. “What happened in 1968, Democratic convention in Chicago, people protesting the Vietnam War.”

“Here we are again, protesting a war and what the well-paid consultant class doesn’t seem to be able to get over to the White House is that he is very much looking like LBJ [President Lyndon B. Johnson] at this moment,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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