Biden’s plan to cancel student debt may backfire, shift even more Hispanic voters to the GOP

President Biden’s blatant attempt to buy votes with the promise to cancel up to $20,000 in student loan debt may backfire and push even more of the crucial Hispanic voters to cast their ballots for the GOP, according to two leaders in the Hispanic community.

As American Wire has reported, while Hispanics have traditionally voted Democrat, more and more have been distancing themselves from the left’s progressive policies in the face of soaring inflation, crime, gas prices, and the crisis at our nation’s border with Mexico.

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According to Republican Congressional candidate Carolina Serrano of Nevada in May, “There’s no really middle class. There’s no real chance of escaping whatever class that you’re born into. That is what, I think, woke up Hispanics is seeing that after voting for Democrats for so long life hasn’t improved – it’s actually gotten worse.”

Now, with midterm elections looming, conservatives are hopeful that Hispanics will reject the Biden administration’s latest ploy to pander to voters with the promise of free handouts.

According to Bienvenido founder Abraham Enriquez, young Latino voters are waking up to Biden’s tactics.

“The best thing that could have ever happened to the conservative movement to awaken younger Latinos has been the Biden administration because they themselves have shown Latinos that they don’t care about us,” he told Fox News Digital.

Congressional candidate Cassy Garcia (R-Texas) agrees, calling Biden’s loan scheme “regressive.”

“I’m still paying on my student loans. I know how hard it is to pay them, but this is wrong, and it’s just bad policy for our community. It’s also incredibly regressive,” she said.

“Mechanics and teachers and bodega workers, you know, shouldn’t be bailing out Harvard Law alums to the tune of $1 trillion over the next ten years,” she added. “We should be reforming the broken student loan system, not pouring more gasoline on that fire.”

For Enriquez, the timing of Biden’s announcement speaks volumes about its true intent.

“It’s so close to the midterm elections and… the Democrats are really bleeding for support within the Latino community,” he stated. “It makes you really think that the administration is trying to do this to buy out Latino support, but it really isn’t going to help.”

“Not only is it bad policy, it’s truly bad politics because Hispanics within the Latino community were the least likely to have student loans,” he explained. “And even those of us who do have student loans, you know, they’re not they’re not this Harvard, Berkeley, Yale type, you know, degrees, and the price point around them.”


Enriquez’s organization, Bienvenido, is aimed at uplifting Hispanic communities by promoting classic American values. According to its founder, it’s the fastest-growing non-profit in the nation to do so.

“We truly believe in values, which means hard work, responsibility,” Enriquez said. “Those of us who do have student loans, we understand that we took it upon ourselves and were responsible enough to do that.”

It was that sense of responsibility that led Garcia to choose to attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley rather than a more expensive, higher-ranked university.

“I took out student loans, but I took out just to afford, you know, my education… knowing that I was going to have to pay that back,” she said. “And I’m still paying that back right now.”

“So talking to the voters on the ground right now, many of them are outraged right now thinking, ‘You know, I’m still paying my student [loans],’” she continued. “I met many, many people in District 28 who’ve already paid off their student loans. What about those people? Those Hispanics that were working very hard to get an education, a quality education.”

“I also talk to voters who were not able to get a [university] education… and went to a trade school,” she said. “What about those people there, too? So, people are upset about that.”

What we need, Garcia maintains, is “true reform,” and the voters know it.

“People are looking at the failed policies of this administration. and we need true reform. And that’s why I can’t wait to win this seat come this November, so I can work with my colleagues to reform our student loan program,” she said.

A lack of real understanding of the Latino community has led the Biden administration, with the help of a complicit media, to bring about the exact opposite of what they intended to accomplish.

“Latino voters are very sophisticated when it comes to researching policy,” Enriquez stated. “So as soon as the media really blasted this idea that Biden was protecting and supporting students, what it really actually did was encourage Latino families from across the country to look into how much this student loan protection program was going to cost each taxpayer.”

“Once we now know that this program is actually going to cost taxpayers on average about $2,000, many Latino families across the country started waking up and saying, ‘Wait, this really actually doesn’t help Latino communities,’” Enriquez explained.

“That’s where you see the media kind of taking a more kind of a more neutral stance, putting a little bit less attention on actual student loan forgiveness programs,” he continued. “But that’s what the media does, right? They kind of push this narrative out. They tell Latinos, this is what you should bite on. This is what you should care about, this is what you should be celebrating, without realizing that Latinos, we’re sophisticated.”

“We do our research, we look into what policies are coming out of the White House,” he said, “and what the media didn’t realize or what they didn’t expect was that these millions of Latinos were actually going to figure out that this policy negatively affects working-class families, primarily Latino families across the country.”


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