Bill Ackman: It’s ‘becoming increasingly clear’ first lady is behind Biden’s refusal to step aside

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman has pointed a finger at who he thinks is responsible for the fiasco that is President Joe Biden.

The hedge fund manager took to social media where he dropped a blistering take on Biden’s declining mental acuity and declared it’s “becoming increasingly clear” that First Lady Jill Biden is behind her husband’s refusal to step aside in the 2024 presidential race.

“I no longer blame @POTUS Biden for not stepping aside. He no longer has the mental acuity to make important judgments about himself,” he wrote on X Sunday.

“FL Jill Biden becomes irrelevant the moment her husband is no longer president. No more Air Force One. No more glamorous life. No more White House dinners for dignitaries. No more being treated like a queen when traveling the world,” Ackman declared.

“I am sorry to be harsh, but what has become entirely clear is that the First Lady values what is best for herself over her husband’s health and the safety and security of the country at large,” the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management wrote.

“Stress is a contributor to neurological deterioration and the doctors must have told her so. Think about how much stress she is putting Biden under by making him continue,” he wrote, adding “She treats him like an infant…or an old man” in public appearances. “And she gets the crowd wound up and cheering at events. Perhaps she thinks the crowd is cheering for her. ”

“Her power has clearly grown as he gets weaker. And she likes the feeling of power. She speaks for the president when he can’t or when he is napping. She tells his team and staff when he is available, and when he is not. She likes being in control. We all do,” Ackman continued in his brutal take on the 73-year-old first lady.

This, he noted, “begs the question” that many have been asking which is who is really running the country and how many “decisions” are made by the president’s wife and not the commander-in-chief himself.

So-called “friends” of the couple likely do not want to confront the reality with Jill Biden so they can continue to get their White House invitations and boast about their relationship with the president and first lady, Ackman contends.

However, he noted that she is only succeeding in “destroying her own legacy along with the president’s.”

“The whole thing would just be a tragedy for the Biden family if it didn’t put the country at greater risk in a world in turmoil,” Ackman warned, “Perhaps she didn’t understand what ‘in sickness and in health’ meant.”

In another post, the billionaire said he spoke to “one of the most respected doctors in the world” about the president’s mental and physical health.

“He says that it is eminently apparent that @POTUS Biden has lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s and/or Alzheimer’s and that his decline will not be linear. It will accelerate,” he wrote.

“Should the First Lady be the one who decides ‘our future’?” Ackman asked in a post on Monday reacting to Jill Biden’s comments as she made the cover of Vogue magazine. Biden is hardly one to be thought of as a style icon to grace the cover of Condé Nast’s monthly fashion publication – an honor that was never given to former First Lady Melania Trump who actually was a model.

“Whatever happens in the weeks and months between now and November, it is Dr. Biden who will remain the president’s closest confidant and advocate,” an editor’s note reads in the August cover story.

Frieda Powers


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