TPUSA’s Savanah Hernandez: ‘San Francisco Pride most shocking, disturbing event I’ve ever witnessed’

As “Sodom and Gomorrah” trended on social media, one reporter’s account of San Francisco “Pride” left her feeling “physically ill.”

“I’m shocked and horrified after experiencing this.”

Shirking the boundaries of public decency, the Golden State saw golden showers and more as an all-ages festival of deviancy was readily dubbed “a giant public orgy.” So said Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez who spent the last day of the rainbow jihad’s high holy month on the streets of their sacred San Francisco.

“San Francisco pride was the most shocking and disturbing event that I’ve ever witnessed,” she detailed in a video posted to X. “Shame on every parent who brought their child to this event and shame on the city for allowing what could only be described as a giant public orgy.”

“Okay. I feel physically ill after spending the day at San Francisco pride. Now I’ve been to quite a few pride events, but this one was by far the most disturbing and it was because there were nudists there that were fully erect in front of children, standing in a way to make sure that everybody saw their fully exposed penises,” Hernandez continued. “There were adults grabbing other people’s genitals and other adults masturbating. There was a fetish zone [in] which people were peeing on each other.”

Warning: Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

“I’m shocked and horrified after experiencing this,” the reporter explained in her video that noted, “Keep in mind that this is an all-ages event. There were children present. The fetish zone was an 18+ area, but there were no IDs being checked and again there were adults essentially having sex in public.”

On the streets of San Francisco, Hernandez was joined by Tenet Media reporter Tayler Hansen “after witnessing the pee pool” in the fetish zone where people urinated on each other, “because I didn’t want to be the only one traumatized today.”

While he shared in her horror and had suggested the need for a “therapy fund,” his own reporting from the scene included interviewing a naked man waving to kids from the side of the parade route where schools had brought students to participate and questioning the police about what was and wasn’t permissible.

At one point, authorities told him, “Nudity is legal here within certain boundaries.”

“Anything coupled with a lewd act or anything being done for sexual gratification that involves other people, basically,” the cop said seemingly turning a blind eye to the cavalcade of kink recorded by Hernandez and Hansen.

“I’m shocked and horrified and I don’t think I’m ever going to cover pride ever again after, after what I witnessed today. It was the worst of the worst,” the former concluded her video as social media users reacted with their own disgust and a fair amount of biblical references.

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