BLM declares its own ‘holiday’, doubles down on defunding police and makes steep demands for 10yr anniversary

The discredited, disgraced Black Lives Matter movement is back in the spotlight once again making demands that most Americans find unreasonable.

As part of its 10-year anniversary, set to occur on July 13th, the race-obsessed group has launched a campaign called “Defund the Police Week of Action.”

“This week we are doing more than celebrating 10 years as a movement — we are taking action toward reaching our goal of Black liberation and showcasing what Black Lives Matter means. Defund The Police Week is meant to answer the question, What has Black Lives Matter accomplished?” BLM exec Shalomyah Bowers said in a statement.

“Our intention is to answer the question simply: this week we are demonstrating that one of the main pillars of progress in our short 10 years as a modern-day civil rights movement is that we have made our demand, to defund the police, politically popular and achievable, and a mainstream demand. The new global center court is a core abolitionist policy articulation; divest from police and invest in us,” she added.

To coincide with the anniversary, BLM has also dropped the following ad:

There’s just one problem. A CBS News poll conducted last summer in August of 2022 found that a 49 percent plurality of registered voters would be “less likely” to vote for a candidate who called for defunding the police.

A separate poll conducted a couple of months later by The Grio found that among just black voters, 48 percent called for keeping police spending the same, while 34 percent called for increased spending. Only a 17 percent minority of radicals called for actually defunding the police.

But BLM isn’t just touting its (failed) efforts to spread the “Defund the Police” message. It’s also making some steep demands.

“As a way to honor the countless Black folks who have been injured, attacked, murdered, and impacted by police and vigilante violence, BLM GNF is declaring July 13th Black Lives Matter Day,” a BLM press release reads.

BLM GNF is short for Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. It’s essentially the discredited group’s international parent body.

The group is specifically launching some tool — evidently a pre-written proclamation — that people can use to “ask their local, state, and/or federal politicians to introduce a proclamation that” establishes Black Lives Matter Day as official.

“Our lives matter — period. If we can dedicate days to presidents who upheld slavery and racism, we can dedicate a day to the Black lives stolen at the hands of the state and racial terrorists,” Cicley Gay, another BLM exec, said.

Note how she referred to the police as “state and racial terrorists.” Like other BLM zealots, she’s under the false impression that cops — mainly white ones — indiscriminately kill black people all day long

In reality, the cops sometimes kill black CRIMINAL SUSPECTS, but usually only after the suspect has resisted arrest and/or even attacked the officers. And in rare cases where an officer does unjustly kill a black suspect, the officer is held to account:

But none of this seems to matter to BLM, a movement that many Americans now characterize as a grifter organization. This characterization comes following reports that of all the millions the group has collected in donations over the years, the majority of it has gone toward propping up the lavish lifestyles of BLM’s execs.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of BLM has been anything but progress for black Americans, who now suffer under more crime (by the same CRIMINALS whom BLM martyrs) than has been seen in decades.

“African Americans bear an increasingly large share of the harm from crime. African American offenders, meanwhile, are committing an increasingly large share of violent crimes,” The Heritage Foundation reported last year after combing through FBI crime data.

Critics of the BLM movement staunchly believe that the movement’s pro-criminal, anti-cop message — not to mention its efforts to defund the police — has empowered criminals and left a wake of destruction in its path.

All these factors are why BLM’s anniversary announcement was met with a tremendous amount of scorn, disdain, and mockery.


Vivek Saxena


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