Bloomberg blasted for telling folks to fight inflation by eating lentils, foregoing pet chemotherapy

We’ve seen a lot of news articles catch a LOT of heated snark on Twitter, but none in recent memory have received the kind of universal condemnation as a recent Bloomberg op-ed, in which Schwartz Professor of Economics Teresa Ghilarducci suggested that letting your pet die of cancer was just one way for people who make less than $300,000 per year can fight inflation.

“Nobody said this would be fun,” Bloomberg Opinion tweeted Saturday.

Perhaps. But nobody said it would be an Elitist-engineered dystopian nightmare, either.

In fact, we’re old enough to remember the White House Press Secretary telling us all that inflation was “temporary” and “transitory.”

Ahhh, but “Putin,” right?

The soaring cost of gasoline, food, and pretty much everything else we enjoyed under the previous administration is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault, and we’re just going to have to tighten our belts, kill Fido, and be proud that we are standing with our close buddies in Ukraine.

“The most recent barometer of consumer sentiment showed the highest-ever share of Americans expecting their finances to worsen in the coming year,” Ghilarducci wrote. “About 54% think their incomes will lag behind inflation in the year ahead — a pretty high percentage historically.”

And she has a bunch of helpful hints to deal with it all, not just rethinking “those costly pet medical needs,” though it sounds like Ghilarducci has probably been doing that already.

“It may sound harsh,” she wrote, “but researchers actually don’t recommend pet chemotherapy — which can cost up to $10,000 — for ethical reasons.”

But dying pets aside, there are other simple life hacks Ghilarducci proffers in her tone-deaf piece, such as giving up meat for lentils.

“When it comes to food, don’t be afraid to explore,” she encourages readers. “Prices for animal-based food products will certainly increase. Ukraine and Russia supply a significant amount of corn and barely to the world market, mainly to feed livestock for human food. Meat prices have increased about 14% from February 2021 and will go up even more.”

“Though your palate may not be used to it, tasty meat substitutes include vegetables (where prices are up a little over 4%, or lentils and beans, which are up about 9%),” she states. “Plan to cut out the middle creature and consume plants directly.””

And how should we deal with astronomical prices at the gas pumps?

Well, Teslas are expensive, so the bus is a good enough option for the peasants making less than the ruling class.

“To deal with gas prices, it’s worth reconsidering public transportation if it’s an option where you live,” Ghilarducci says. “Fare’s are up about 8% compared with 38% for gasoline. Now may even be the time to sell your car.”

It’s enough to make Marie Antoinette want to scream.

Conservative activist Scott Presler, who has earned the unwavering love and support of Republicans for his state-to-state voter registration crusade, has a much better way to handle inflation.

He’s standing in front of Long Island gas stations and helping mortified motorists on their paths to voting the current administration out of office.

Others on Twitter were quick to offer their alternative solutions to inflation.

John Cardillo echoed Presler’s sentiments and added a bit of color to the plan.

“Guillotine the rich and redistribute their money,” another user suggested.

And Tim Young, ever the pragmatist, sarcastically suggests Fido’s demise may have an upside.

But for the most part, people just condemned Ghilarducci’s opinion, Bloomberg’s audacity, the Biden administration’s ineptitude, and the global elites, who insist we’ll own nothing and love it.

Below are but a few of the best reactions:


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