Brave Walmart worker endures beat down to stymy shoplifting attempt

In an all-too-common scene in today’s entitled society where there are few serious consequences for criminal actions, courtesy of the Democratic Party, a Walmart store was hit by a pair of thieves who were looking to score big time.

With two shopping carts chock full of potentially stolen booty, the criminals were almost out the door but what they didn’t count on was a brave Walmart employee who said enough is enough, as seen in the video.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, the female worker latched onto both baskets and held on for dear life as one of the crooks started beating her in the head with some of the merchandise in the buggy.

Despite blows raining down, the woman just lowered her head and took the abuse while maintaining control of the shopping carts — the suspects eventually surrender to the reality that their caper had run afoul and they skedaddled out of the store.

While you might think that Walmart will celebrate this employee — and the retail giant very well may — it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that she could face scrutiny for violating some company policy regarding thefts.

One thing is certain, the woman should not have put herself at risk for two cartloads of merchandise that Walmart will not miss.

At the same time, robberies such as this are becoming all too common and police rarely arrive in time to prevent them, and when they do the odds of woke prosecutors pursuing the charges are not good.

The social media user who posted the video on TikTok appealed to Walmart to “please give this woman a raise.”

Tom Tillison


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