‘Brushed entire family under carpet’: Half-siblings blast Meghan Markle over Netflix docuseries

If the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex thought a Netflix documentary would somehow lessen the drama in their lives, they were sorely — some might say, stupidly — mistaken.

Since the release of the first three episodes of “Harry & Meghan,” half-siblings of the royal everyone loves to hate have again come crawling out of the woodwork to bash Meghan and respond to Harry’s claim that his beloved “Meg” is now fatherless because of her involvement with him.

“Of course, it’s incredibly sad what happened,” Harry said. “She had a father before this, and now she doesn’t have a father. And I shouldered that, because if Meg wasn’t with me, then her dad would still be her dad.

In the third episode of the universally panned series, Meghan details the events leading up to her May 2018 wedding, an event that drove a wedge between her and her now-estranged father, Thomas Markle.

To hear the couple tell it, while Meghan and Harry were feverishly playing “whack-a-mole” with negative stories in the British press, her father was caught staging and selling photos for the paparazzi.

Markle Sr. then reportedly had a heart attack, refused to answer calls from Meghan, and ultimately stated he would not be at the wedding.

Meanwhile, Samantha Markle, Meghan’s much older half-sister, had already fallen far out of favor with the former actress for dishing about her life to the media. However, Samantha’s daughter, Ashleigh Hale, whose own relationship with Samantha was strained at best, had formed a close relationship with her young aunt and was looking forward to attending the royal event.

That presented a problem for Meghan.

“How do we explain that this half-sister isn’t invited to the wedding, but that the half-sister’s daughter is?” she said in the third episode.

The answer, from the Palace’s point of view, was simple: Don’t invite Ashleigh.

“With Ashleigh, the guidance at the time was to not have her come to our wedding,” Meghan said. “I was in the car with H. I had her on speakerphone, and we talked her through what guidance we were given and why this assessment was made … and that’s painful.”

If her half-siblings disliked her before, it appears they now loathe her with a passion usually reserved for soap opera villains and Hillary Clinton.

“I think it’s horrible,” Thomas Markle. Jr told Piers Morgan during a recent episode of Talk TV. “The documentary is so far off on so many different levels. It’s really a little bit disturbing. “Saying that she doesn’t have a family and she doesn’t have a father, and Harry saying that she has no father now. That’s just ridiculous.”

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When asked if there had been any attempt from Meghan to contact her father following a stroke he had last May, Markle Jr. replied, “None whatsoever.”

He then defended the dysfunctional, paternal side of Meghan’s family, saying, in essence, that they didn’t know selling shots of themselves to paparazzi for big bucks and gossiping about their half-sister was a bad thing.

“None of us were ever coached or given any help with the paparazzi since the very beginning, which has caused a lot of problems,” Jr. told Morgan.

“Nobody reached out,” he continued. “I actually reached out, and all I got back was ‘distant family’ and she ‘doesn’t know us.'”

“It’s just very bizarre how she just basically brushed the entire family under the carpet like we don’t exist and then lied about not having a family and lied about she doesn’t have a family that she’s always wanted,” he stated. “We’ve always been here.”

And to prove his family’s fealty, the loving sibling is making his own documentary about his half-sister.

“The documentary is way off,” Jr. said. “That’s what’s actually prompted me to work with my own production team, and, coming out in like 2023, our side of a documentary that’s going to shed a lot of light that needs to be shed.”

He intends to outdo Harry and Meghan’s use of personal, family photos in their docuseries.

“The amount of unprecedented files, photos and videos and documentation that we’re going to be including in our documentary … it’s going to tell a whole different story,” he promised.

“I think the general public in the U.K. and America knows that now the Markles aren’t bad people,” he said. “We’re just like a normal family like everybody else. We do exist, and when one person tells lies and then tells 10 other lies to cover the one lie, this is what happens. You end up looking ridiculous.”

No argument there.

Samantha Markle says she wanted to protect her ailing father from the Netflix docuseries.

“I didn’t want him to watch because, like everything, it’s lie upon lie upon lie,” Samantha told GB News. “He’s been through so much — two heart attacks and a stroke — and she enabled this, watched it, did nothing about it. And for Harry to say something like that is egregious.”


According to Samantha, Meghan straight-up lied to Ashleigh about the wedding, though it is unclear how she would know this.

“Ashleigh was lied to, and my sister, in fact, was the one reportedly who told Ashleigh she couldn’t go to the wedding,” she stated. “So I felt like she was manipulating my daughter, and that’s really sad because my daughter seemingly was holding a grudge and feeling like I was the reason she couldn’t come to the wedding.”

The truth, it seems, is no clearer than before Netflix spent $100 million to get the Duke and Duchess to rehash their unrelatable, largely unenviable lives.

As one user on Twitter put it, Meghan and Harry are “the Kardashians of the Royal Family.”


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