Keith Olbermann gets leveled after engaging with right-wing Twitter: ‘Your life is your punishment’

Left-wing zealot Keith Olbermann went to war against right-wing Twitter on Saturday, and he lost — bigly so.

The war started a day earlier when conservative commentator and scholar Pedro L. Gonzalez shared his bold thoughts about the “Twitter Files.”

“If this doesn’t end with people like Jack Dorsey and Yoel Roth in jail, we aren’t serious. I don’t want viral clips of Ted Cruz popping off his boot and putting it on the counter. I want libs like Roth in a jumpsuit behind bars,” he tweeted.

“Libs are desperately trying to bait me into engaging with them but their mistake is assuming I think they’re human and therefore worth interacting with. I am however feeling vindicated about Musk’s twitter takeover sending libs into a panic because they know it means losing control,” he added.


The tweets provoked massive anger from leftists, including Olbermann:

“Nobody’s trying to ‘engage’ with you, you semi-sentient feces. We’re all laughing at you and the self-consuming paranoia and hate that have ruined your life. Now, back in your bomb shelter with you, Goober,” Olbermann tweeted back at Gonzalez.

“Also none of you are ‘serious.’ You are in the Angertainment business. STFU and let the adults clean up the mess you petulant children have made,” he added.


Bad choice, Joyce. Olbermann’s trash-talking not only angered Gonzalez — it angered all of right-wing Twitter.

Firing back first, Gonzalez tweeted, “You’re a childless, unmarried 63-year-old hack huffing anti-psychotics with nothing but a podcast that appeals to cat ladies — your life is your punishment for being the way you are.”

Fact-check: TRUE.

“Keith has a million followers but struggles to get a crumb of attention because he produces literally nothing of value so he has to lash out like this, but without what
@shortmagenfield aptly calls the Yoel ‘engagement reacharound’ it just keeps brutally backfiring lmao,” Gonzalez added in another fiery tweet.


But as noted earlier, Gonzalez wasn’t alone in firing back.


The last time Olbermann went viral for snapping was after CNN’s Don Lemon was demoted from hosting his own primetime show to co-hosting a morning program.

At the time, Olbermann went full-bore on CNN head honcho Chris Licht.

“Chris Licht (who, when we worked together at msnbc, I believed used to eat paste) has now surrounded Don Lemon with an ex-Daily Caller “journalist” and somebody who last month demanded an apology from Biden to Republicans. The @CNN Shitstorm is here,” he tweeted.

Angry much?

The truth is that Olbermann has always been an extremely angry, unhinged leftist zealot. That, in fact, is what makes him Keith Olbermann …

Vivek Saxena


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