Calls for tuition refunds at Columbia U. start amid outcry over anti-Israel protests

The ugly anti-Israel protests at Columbia University have led the elite Ivy League school to move to remote learning amid safety concerns, sparking calls for tuition refunds.

As the New York City campus descended into chaos with a Hamas tent city sprouting on the lawn and reports of harassment of Jewish students, the administration announced that in-person learning has been suspended until the end of the semester at the costly institution of higher learning.

On Sunday, the school’s rabbi urged Jewish students to stay off campus for their own protection, a sad commentary of the state of higher education which has been hijacked by extremist elements.

According to newly issued guidelines, courses on Columbia University’s Morningside main campus have moved to hybrid learning “until the end of each school’s Spring 2024 semester.”

“Safety is our highest priority as we strive to support our students’ learning and all the required academic operations,” wrote Columbia Provost Angela Olinto in a statement.  “It’s vital that teaching and learning continue during this time.”

“All faculty whose classrooms are located on the main Morningside campus and equipped with hybrid capabilities should enable them to provide virtual learning options to students who need such a learning modality. Faculty in other classrooms or teaching spaces that do not have capabilities for offering hybrid options should hold classes remotely if there are student requests for virtual participation,” the new guidance read. “If the class does not permit adapting to the remote offering format, we encourage faculty to provide other accommodations liberally to students who have requested support for virtual learning this week.”

“If a parent has a child at Columbia, they should demand a refund and then sue for breach of contract,” wrote former GOP Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on X, sharing a video of a Jewish professor who was blocked from entering, something that would have happened at a German university in the 1930s.

“A degree from @Columbia today is not worth more than a roll of toilet paper. Parents: definitely demand a refund & compensation!” New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov wrote, urging parents to demand their money back.

“Columbia, Yale & others allowing these pro terrorist demonstrations, switching to remote learning for Jewish students should refund their tuition immediately and provide passing grades for the semester due to their lack of ability to guarantee a safe learning environment,” said Fox News medical contributor Nicole Saphier, MD.

More calls for refunds.

Columbia students expressed frustration over being deprived of the full learning experience because the university let the lunatics seize control of the asylum.

Junior Michael D’Agostino, a 22-year-old student told the New York Post that the move to hybrid learning is frustrating because of “the amount we pay to be at this school to learn from these amazing faculties and professors.”

“I’m studying applied physics and applied math and those are classes I really benefit from being in-person. I went through COVID and all that when we were online for about a year and it really disrupted our education,” he said.

“I really think it’s disheartening to see how our education is being punished as a result of this,” D’Agostino added. “I think it’s really sad.”

The total yearly cost of attendance at Columbia University is $89,587.

Chris Donaldson


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