Campos-Duffy, others wonder if Biden needed China’s ‘permission’ before shooting down spy balloon: ‘Did he get 10% for waiting?’

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy didn’t hold back over the shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon, pointing out President Biden’s connections to the communist regime and wondering aloud if he sought “permission” from them beforehand.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

On Saturday’s airing of “Fox & Friends,” the panelists ripped apart Biden’s inaction against the spy balloon in allowing it to traverse across the United States gathering intel from military installations before shooting it down. Campos-Duffy dared to go there, alluding to the possibility that the Chinese have leverage on the president because of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with them.

“There’s a lot in that laptop that might have something to do with this response,” she bluntly commented before the U.S. military acted to take it down.

Biden claimed that he had given the order to shoot down the balloon on Wednesday, stipulating that it should be shot down when military leaders thought it was safe. He laid the blame at the feet of his national security team who head-shakingly waited to take the spy balloon out.

Campos-Duffy asserted that, in the end, it was Biden’s call and that he is “potentially compromised” because of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the communist Chinese. She did not back down from that contention.

A number of military leaders have also pointed out that the president and the military could have taken out the balloon before it reached the United States as it was floating above the Aleutian Islands. Instead, it was allowed to travel across the country, potentially sending intel back to the Chinese.

“This took so long as you said. There is no explanation unless there is some intelligence gathering on our part we needed with this balloon,” Campos-Duffy said on “Fox & Friends” Sunday.

“Again, back to the question that Pete asked, why would we take that long? Is it possible that our president was getting permission from the Chinese to take it down? I mean, let’s just all be honest. He is potentially compromised by many of the business deals his family made with the Chinese Communist government,” she remarked.

Retired U.S. Navy Commander Kirk Lippold agreed with her.

“That’s a great point, Rachel. When I look at it, we should not have hesitated,” he said. “This reminds me of the kind of mindset that our country had pre-9/11. We were not appreciating the threat that al Qaeda represented to our nation, and I think today, we do not appreciate the threat that China represents to our national security. They are not a competitor. By their actions, they are in fact taking decisive measures making them more of an enemy of the United States than an actual competitor, and certainly not someone we can cooperate and work with.”

“They violated international law in the South China Sea. They violated our airspace with this balloon. They spy on us and steal our intellectual property across the board. And let’s face it, they’ve killed over a hundred thousand Americans by getting fentanyl precursor chemicals into the drug cartels in Mexico that have come through the open border,” he added.

“So, let’s be realistic. China is a threat to the national security of the United States and why this president continues to doddle… why the military continues to not view it through the lens of a threat is beyond me. The American people should start demanding that we not accept this type of behavior from China and we’re the ones that shouldn’t be in a reactive mode. Let’s start being proactive and start making our enemies wonder what we’re going to do next rather than us wondering what they’re going to do next,” Lippold concluded.

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made it evident that he has no clue about anything to do with the balloon.

“The China balloon voyage was more of an intelligence benefit to the US than China. By waiting until the balloon was over water, Biden maximized the likelihood the payload could be recovered while minimizing risk to Americans. ⁦@IgnatiusPost,” he tweeted.

First off, the intel collected by the balloon was sent back to the Chinese as it was doing so. As for the payload, after a sidewinder missile hit it, there probably wasn’t much left. The risk of the communist Chinese gathering sensitive data on our military installations was a far greater risk than shooting down the balloon over the Aleutian Islands or even Montana where there is not a large populace.

Scarborough was ripped to shreds on social media for his uninformed commentary:

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