Carjackers ambush terrified mom, grandma in their driveway: ‘My babies are in the car…’

A Mississippi family just barely survived an at-home carjacking last Friday by two reckless, gun-toting thugs.

The family of Heather Allen was in their own West Jackson home driveway saying goodbye to one another when the thugs crept up on them and fired a warning shot.

Standing behind the car, both Allen and her son ducked.

“I threw my hands up like, ‘Hey, hey, hey,’ and he [her son] just pulled me down,” she later called to local station WAPT.

One of the thugs meanwhile opened the driver’s seat while hollering, “Give me the keys.”

(Video Credit: WAPT News)

Inside the vehicle were Allen’s older son, daughter, and grandchildren.

The other thug meanwhile pulled Allen’s daughter out of the vehicle.

“My daughter was like, ‘My babies, my babies are in the car,'” she recalled.

“He [the first thug] jumps in the driver’s seat, I’m standing on the outside looking in, and he points a gun at my oldest boy’s face,” she added.

“Her son made it out, and that’s when Allen braved it to grab her grandchildren from the backseat,” according to WAPT.

“The whole time, one of the suspects was still yelling for the keys. When they couldn’t figure out how to take that first car, Allen threw her keys on the ground, and the suspects took off in Allen’s car, which was parked on the lawn,” the station noted.

The family isn’t holding up so well in the aftermath.

“I’m not sleeping,” Allen said. “My oldest son, his anxiety is through the roof — he’s even scared. My daughter, she was in shock, but they’re safe. They are in Batesville right now.”

According to Allen, they’ve lived in the area for roughly three months but are now planning on relocating.

“We can’t stay here anymore,” she said.

The good news is the Jackson Police Department was able to locate the car within about an hour.

“The cop said that the car looks good, but it’s in the impound lot. I can’t get it until they investigate it for fingerprints,” Allen said.

Jackson police Chief Joseph Wade confirmed to WAPT that the department is working to return the vehicle ASAP but warned that the two suspects still aren’t in custody.

“I had an opportunity to look at the video of Ms. Allen and her family being robbed and carjacked in their driveway,” he said. “It was extremely disturbing to me. It was very concerning to me because a threat to them and their family is a threat to everyone.”

Allen’s family is lucky they survived the ordeal.

“[E]ven though Jackson’s homicide rate had dropped for two consecutive years, it still led the nation in killings per capita in 2023. The city of almost 150,000 recorded 118 killings last year,” per the Associated Press.

This robbery comes three months after Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, a Democrat, partnered with Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, to surge law enforcement resources to Jackson, the state’s capital city, precisely because of its overwhelming crime problems.

“I hope that as we move forward, we can pledge to the residents of Jackson that our goal will not be for them to feel policed, but to feel protected,” Lumumba said at the time.

“Jacksonians deserve to live in peace, and they should not have to fear for their safety while running errands or commuting to work,” Reeves added. “Together with our local and federal partners, we will put a stop to it.”

The increase in crime has led to numerous store/restaurant closures.

“Dollar Tree, a discount retailer, has announced plans to close a significant number of its Family Dollar store locations in 2024, especially in Mississippi,” station WXLP reported in March.

A year earlier, the Food Depot closed in Jackson, creating a “food desert” in one local West Jackson neighborhood.

“Food Depot was one of the last grocery stores in the area,” WAPT notes. “Those who live in west Jackson said they are concerned about the limited options after the Food Depot closes.”

“We don’t have any big stores or Krogers. This was our Kroger,” local resident Delen Lee Jr. told the station.

Vivek Saxena


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