Brooklyn Catholic church ordered to re-bless altar after pop star films ‘demonic’ video

Pop singer Sabrina Carpenter shot a controversial music video in a century-old Brolyn Catholic church resulting in the Bishop having to re-bless the altar with holy water. […]

Publisher sues Mark Meadows to get its advance back, seeks $1M more in damages over alleged lies in memoir

Alleged “falsehoods” from former President Donald Trump’s one-time chief of staff in his memoir triggered a seven-figure lawsuit from the publisher after pulling the bo off shelves. […]

San Franciscan posts what it’s like to walk to work along terrifying streets in the heart of the city

Shocking video footage from San Francisco streets was d by a social media user documenting the terrifying walk to work along trash-infested sidewalks littered with the homeless. […]

Math department faculty forced to sign anti-Israel letter in order to attend ‘equity forum’

Concerns by some faculty at the University of Toronto over a requirement to sign an anti-Israel letter in order to attend an “Equity Forum” were evidently ignored […]

Ex-Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters offers most twisted take ever on Hamas slaughter of citizens

As he once sang in a classic Pink Floyd song, “the lunatic is in my head,” the iconic rock band’s former singer and bassist Roger Waters offered […]

Press calls pages from Nashville manifesto ‘EXTREMELY misleading.’ How would they know?

Selective outrage over Steven Crowder’s release of “EXTREMELY misleading” pages from the “Nashville manifesto” faced its own pushback as investigative focus turned to the leaker. “Oh so […]

Left-wing activist ‘shocked’ when LGBTQ outreach to Palestinians is rejected

A left-wing activist was schooled by a group of pro-Palestinian Muslims after he tried to get them to agree with his argument about LGBTQ propaganda. Described as […]

Elderly Jewish man dies after allegedly being hit by pro-Hamas protester at California rally

An elderly Jewish man is dead following a “physical altercation” at a pro-Israel rally in Thousand Oaks, CA in a shocking incident that comes amid an explosion […]

Disney plagued by ‘s**t-related incidents’ as guests relieve themselves in long lines

Disney has been in the news a lot lately, in large part due to the family entertainment giant’s curious alliance with those seeking to sexualize children. Known […]

Nashville trans shooter’s manifesto leaked – ‘little cr*ckers’ with white privilege targeted

Over seven months after the tragedy in Nashville, pages from the murderer’s “manifesto” marked “DEATH DAY” detailed plans to attack the Covenant School with hopes for “a […]


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