Trump unleashes on ‘clubhouse politician’ Engoron after judgment: ‘Ruled against me before he even saw the case’

Former President Donald Trump tore into “whacked-out” Judge Arthur Engoron after the camera-hungry Engoron issued a ruling, fining the GOP frontrunner $350 million and barring him from […]

WH spox, CNN legal analyst trade barbs over special council report: ‘Respond with substance rather than defensive bluster’

Accusations of “defensive bluster” from the White House fostered tensions between the administration and corporate media over what the “feeble old man” knew “all along.” The fallout […]

‘This is the thanks he gets?!’ Eric Trump breathes fire after $354M judgment against father

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, slammed Judge Arthur Engoron’s “horribly sad” ruling late Friday on Fox News. Appearing on Fox News’ “The Ingraham […]

Mitt Romney makes big reveal about the 2024 election

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has now made it official, he won’t be voting for Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump in November if, as appears inevitable, he wins […]

‘Is he still a Dreamer?’ Illegal immigrant, 15, who shot female tourist in Times Square arrested

The arrest of a teen suspected in a Times Square shooting led many to conclude, “The US government is importing criminals, not ‘asylum seekers.’” (Video: WABC) Less […]

BLM activist says Atlanta, entire nation are ‘lucky’ violence is not worse

You feeling lucky, America? You should be, according to a self-described “Black, lesbian, feminist, mother and Field Secretary on the field team for the Movement for Black […]

UCSF Black History Month ‘Diagnosing Whiteness’ lecture claims ‘whites are psychopaths’

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) recently invited a blatant racist to spew vile anti-white commentary to students. The racist, Dante King, is a black public […]

Natl security experts on ‘dangerous’ Biden memory loss: ‘The embodiment of irreversible decline’

In the thundering wake of special counsel Rober Hur’s report and the disastrous presidential press conference that followed, national security experts are assessing whether Joe Biden’s memory […]

Trump creates a stir when he says Russia could do ‘whatever the hell they want’ to NATO countries

Former President Donald Trump triggered liberal outrage Saturday by touting his successful NATO policy of forcing other nations to pay their fair . Speaking to supporters at […]

‘Political retaliation’: San Fran teacher who exposed ‘Woke Kindergarten’ program put on leave

The San Francisco teacher who raised red flags after his school district spent a quarter-of-a-million dollars to train its elementary school teachers how to be “anti-racist” has […]


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