Charlie Kirk taunts raging leftists as they storm Turning Point USA event, riot police called in

Things got very heated at the University of New Mexico on Wednesday night as radical leftist protesters stormed a Turning Point USA event, screaming about white supremacy while founder Charlie Kirk taunted them before riot police were called in.

Kirk was on campus for a speaking engagement for the conservative group’s chapter at the school when protesters, many of them masked and claiming they were with Antifa, violently swarmed the event, screaming obscenities, according to the Daily Mail.

A number of the protesters were yelling “F*** Charlie Kirk!” and “F*** Erica!” referring to Erica Rodriguez, who is the local chapter president.

“My welcoming committee at University of New Mexico for tonight’s event,” Kirk tweeted showing the protesters donning masks and brandishing signs against white supremacy.

He went on to describe the actions of his detractors at the university, “Violent agitators at the University of New Mexico have shut down our last two events featuring speakers, Tomi Lahren and Ian Hayworth. Not this time.”

“Black Bloc, presumably ANTIFA not allowing kids inside the venue…” he went on to tweet.

The event was previously rescheduled after Kirk tried to speak at the university before the November elections.

Earlier this year, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren was forced to flee the campus via state police ahead of a planned event due to protests. The event was eventually canceled after Lahren was forced to barricade herself in a back room for 45 minutes, according to the Post Millenial.

TPUSA released a statement at the time commenting, “Sadly, what happened in New Mexico is far too common. The students and community organizations responsible for this mob that caused damage to the venue – and forced Tomi and her father to be barricaded in a safe room for 45 minutes – must be held accountable.”

The leftists couldn’t get to the conservative but they didn’t hesitate to express how much they hated him. They were surrounded by police but didn’t seem to care in the least.

He tweeted during the conflict outside the auditorium, pointing out there’s “never a crowd of lunatic protestors when a Liberal shows up at a college campus to speak.”

Some of the protesters shouted at Kirk, “Get the f*** off our campus!” Videos show the intellectually bankrupt radicals railing against the conservative.

Eventually, the riot police were called in to push back the protesters at the event. At least one of the radicals tried to grab an officer’s baton and was arrested for it. Three people were detained before being given a summons and escorted off campus, according to KRQE. There has been no word on the charges they’re facing yet.


Police formed a barrier between the protesters and the student union at the University of New Mexico where Kirk was giving his speech.

TPUSA’s stated mission is to, “Educate students about the importance of freedom, free markets, and limited government.”

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